Probably the most famous brand of Ireland is Jameson. Historically it was founded by John Jameson, a Scottish businessman who became the manager of Bow Street Distillery in 1786. By 1786, it was producing about 30,000 gallons annually.

By the turn of the 19th century, it was the second largest producer in Ireland and one of the largest in the world, producing 1,000,000 gallons annually. the 20th century started harshly for Jameson. Wars, Prohibition, Biritish Embargo hit the industry, and consequently Jameson.

In 1976 Jameson was produced at the Midleton Distillery, and in 1988 it was bought by Pernod Ricard. Now it is one of the biggest selling Whiskeys in the world.

Jameson has around 10 variants. All of them excel with drinkability and smooth character. Some expressions yield to grain, and some to the pot still characters, but all of the Whiskeys are distilled to be delicious.
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