All about Barr Hill

Nestled in the verdant hills of Vermont, Barr Hill is more than just a distillery - it's a love letter to the bees. Back in 2011, a seasoned beekeeper named Todd and a neighboring homebrewer and fermentation enthusiast named Ryan had a buzz-worthy idea. They decided to combine their skills and passion to create Landcrafted® spirits that not only taste divine but also support the local agricultural landscape. 

With nothing but a 15-gallon direct-fire copper still and a 1,000-gallon heart each, they whipped up their first batch of Gin that was so smooth it could make a honeybee do a double take—and swept the floor at the New York and Hong Kong International Spirits competition! Since 2011, they have continued to win awards and accolades around the world making Barr Hill America’s most awarded gin.

They named their venture after the nearby Barr Hill Nature Preserve and then things really took off, going from a cozy 6,000-square-foot hive of a distillery in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont to a 27,000-square-foot sustainable and eco-friendly distillery in the capital “city” of Montpelier.

Every bottle of Barr Hill Spirits is handcrafted with regional raw honey, supporting responsible beekeepers and their stewardship of the environment. It's like a toast to Mother Nature in every sip! Their core Spirits - Barr Hill Gin, Barr Hill Vodka, and the barrel-aged Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin - use raw honey naturally foraged by the bees to encapsulate the botanical essence of their landscape.

Barr Hill isn't just about creating great Spirits, though. This team is on a mission to create a bee-friendly world and secure a sustainable future for all. Because let's face it, without pollinators, our cocktails would be a lot less interesting.

Barr Hill really is “the bee's knees” — and they have all the expertise to back that claim!