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Looking for the best Cognac you can get for $100? You're in the right place; these are best rated Cognacs in the Flaviar community for the price.

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Top 5 Cognac Under $100

Cognac Park

Park Cigar Blend XO Vieille Fine Champagne Cognac

Made to be married with a Cigar. Gaston Tessendier, a math teacher, became a proud vineyard owner in Cognac back in 1880. He didn’t entrust his vines to any tender, but to himself, and as such, with time, he left his profession as a teacher and dedicated himself fully to the cultivation of vines and the production of Cognac. And that’s how the Tessendier Distillery was born.    Gaston provided his Cognac to different Cognac houses in the region, fast becoming recognized for the quality of his products. The Tessendier family sold their stock to different Cognac houses up until 2005, when two Tessendier brothers decided to produce and bottle their Cognac under their own brand. Cognac Park XO Vieille Fine Champagne is made from the most exceptional grapes and works very well with cigars from Honduras... if you are a bit of a sweet tooth grab a piece of dark chocolate and you'll be swept off your feet. Cognac Park X.O Cigar Blend + Cohiba Coronas Especiales  It takes two to tango. A fine "eau de vie" such as this needs to be savored with an equally fine cigar. The honey, saffron and gingerbread notes, with hints cranberry, ginger and vanilla aromas are tailor-made for the Cohibas creamy, cocoa, vanilla, hazelnut, with honey and soft black pepper. Oui, oui... Yes please!  

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Baron Otard


A Grand Champaign VSOP Cognac aged behind three meter thick walls along the River Charente. The Otard Cognac House has been making premium aged Eaux de Vie along the banks of the Charente River since 1795 when it was founded by Jean-Baptiste Antoine Otard. For generations they have produced fine Cognac under the Château de Cognac, Château Royal, and Baron Otard bands. Baron Otard is now produced for and distributed through the Bacardi Group since their acquisition of Martini & Rossi. The complete line of premium Baron Otard Cognacs is a joy to the senses served in teardrop-shaped bottles. The cellars at the Château Royal de Cognac are famously three meters thick with very high humidity along the river. This unique aging environment has yielded some of the smoothest Spirits to come our of France. Baron Otard VSOP is made from a minimum of 505 Grand Champaign grapes with the balance being Petite Champaign. Consistent with law and tradition, this VSOP has been aged in those amazing cellars for a minimum of four years in French oak casks, developing a deep, layered flavor profile.

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VS Cognac

The showhorse of House Merlet.     Traditionally, the Merlet family were wine growers, supplying grapes to winemakers across the region. But in 1850, Firmin Merlet assembled the first pot still near the picturesque town of Saint Sauvant, and started transforming their surplus grape inventory into fine eau-de-vie for famous Cognac producer Hennessy. Gradually, they acquired their own ageing barrels, and then started bottling, thus becoming an independent producer.    It’s still an "all in the family" operation. Gilles Merlet took over the reins forty years ago, streamlining, modernizing, and expanding their product lines. Now joined by his sons, Pierre and Luc, they produce their famous Cognac, Pineau des Charentes, Brandies and Liqueurs. Viva le Merlet!   We do not have to tell you that there are no artificial colors or flavors to speak of, or that this Cognac comes from a limited terroir in France. We don’t have to tell you that it is aged exclusively in Limousin oak, and has no added sugars, alcohols, or juices. Why? Because the label says "Cognac," that’s why. We do not have to tell you that Merlet VS Cognac is a blend of fine vintage Cognacs that are at least two years old… that’s what the VS stands for.    Cognac is one of the most strictly legally defined and regulated Spirits in the world. The French take it VERY seriously. Every attribute is scrutinized; every letter on the label has meaning. So step up and buy with confidence. And while you are at it, whip up the signature Merlet Cognac cocktail — The Horse’s Neck — with one part Merlet VS, two parts Ginger Ale, a dash of Angostura bitters and orange zest. Tasty!      

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Louis Royer

VSOP Cognac

Cognac so ritzy, you'll speak French. Louis Royer, a distillery whose name just rolls on the tongue, was established in 1853 on the colorful bank of the Chartene River in the region of Cognac in France. It's famous for its bee emblem and a wide range of upscale Cognacs and Pineau, made from all six terroirs of the region. Today, the fifth generation runs the place and has no intentions on changing their secret traditional ways. This exquisite bottle is simply called VSOP, which means "very superior old pale", but you can also call it a five-star Spirit. What it means is the youngest Cognac in the blend is at least four years old — and this one spent some time in French Limousin oak. See, even the wood is fancy! It's a smooth and balanced Cognac with a punch to it — in the best possible way. You may enjoy it neat, but here's a little secret: pour some tonic in it and reveal new hidden flavors. Or, if you're having a ball, make yourself a nice Black Pagoda. 

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VSOP Cognac

Bonaparte’s choice of tipple.   Courvoisier … not many brand names are as synonymous with prestige and quality as Courvoisier’s. The name has seeped into our culture like few others. It has appeared in Woody Allen and James Bond films, been rapped about by Busta Rhymes and Ice Cube, has been praised by Stevie Nicks, and has appeared in hundreds of TV shows. Every seduction begins with Courvoisier.   That’s quite the pop-culture resume. But they’ve earned their place in history. Founded in 1809 by Emmanuel Courvoisier, the company, now owned by Beam Suntory, has been making Cognac, and only Cognac for more than 200 years.    Courvoisier VSOP is labelled “The Cognac of Napoleon.” And this isn’t marketing hype … the little emperor with the funny hat and his fingers stuck in his coat actually paid them a visit. In 1811, Napoleon visited the main Cognac market in Bercy, France, declared that he had made his choice and took two barrels of Courvoisier with him.    The ambitious Frenchman may not have chosen the best time to invade Russia, but he sure knew his Cognac. Courvoisier VSOP is still the standard by which all other Cognacs are judged. The famous aroma, the full body and luscious mouth-feel, the nutty and gentle spice wrung from more than four years of rest in the finest Limousin oak … everything is spot on, nearly becoming the definition of Cognac in France.    SmartAss Corner One of the most famous paintings of Napoleon ever made was painted by Etienne Bouhot, capturing the emperor’s visit to the Cognac market in Bercy, France, where he acquired a few barrels of his favourite Cognac: Courvoisier.   

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