Best Cognac Under $100

Someone mentions Cognac, and you immediately think of Versailles and Jay-Z, right? Good news: you can sip on a French and opulent Brandy without draining your bank account.

These decadent Cognacs are all under $100 and deserving of your sophisticated palate. Enjoy them neat, on rocks, with your pinky out and flip-flops on - you’ll appreciate the complexity of these Eaux-de-vie and just carpe the hell out of that diem.

Grab yourself a Hennessy, Courvoisier, Martel, Hardy, Rémy Martin, or a Louis Royer.

Oh, and the first five bottles on the list? They’re Flaviar Community Favorites, and we promise you’ll adore them all. They’re followed by an impressive selection of other fantastic Cognacs. Have a look!

Top 5 Cognac Under $100

Rémy Martin

1738 Accord Royal Cognac

Meet the royalty among the Cognacs Ever met a royalty? Burger King doesn't count. Let us introduce you to the monarch of spirits. Meet 1738 Accord Royal, an exquisite and unique Cognac blend from the Cognac monarch Rémy Martin, from the very heartland of Cognacs - yes, you guessed it, the city of Cognac. This lavish liquor is everything extraordinary about France in a bottle. It got its name from the special year of 1738, when King Louis XV granted the Accord Royal to Rémy Martin, which allowed him to plant vines on his land (which was banned in France until then). This bottle is a blend of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne grape (in 65:35 ratio) and has been known for its big-brute flavor and a mellow finish since it first came out in 1997. 1738 Accord Royal sits comfortably between VSOP and XO, which makes it a Napoléon Cognac: aged for at least six years in oak barrels, but in average, such Cognacs are 20 years old. When this deep amber delicacy is poured into a glass, it demands to be tasted, and it can be enjoyed in so many ways: sip it straight, drink it as a digestif, take it on the rocks, or make a mean cocktail out of it. We recommend Emperor's Call! If you're a fan of the cult VSOP, you will definitely love this royal upgrade of vanilla and vinous notes with some additional regal gusto that brought this Cognac a silver medal in 2014.

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Cognac Legend 1863

A wonderful, approachable, award-winning example of Hardy’s Cognac heritage and expertise. Back in the mid 1800s, Anthony Hardy — an Englishman — fell in love with northern France and Cognac. After decades of flirting with the region as an importer of Cognac into England, he eventually moved there, changed his name from Anthony to Antoine, and opened up his own Cognac distillation house (a “Maison”). Hey… follow your passions, right? Today, Maison Hardy produces a few lovely Pineaus and a wide range of Cognacs from the middle price points all the way up to some truly fantastic artistic expressions arrayed in fine crystal decanters. Hardy Legend 1863 is named for the year in which the Hardy Distillery was founded. It’s a lovely blend of Hardy Cognacs made from 100% Ugni Blanc grapes raised in limestone soils within three of the seven producing districts — Petits Champaign, Fins Bois, and Borderies. The Spirit is aged in lightly-toasted Limousin oak barrels from two to twelve years. It is a wonderful, approachable, award-winning example of Hardy’s expertise and we would have a dram whenever there is a bottle open to pour.

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Rare VSOP Cognac

Expect only the most fine from Hine.   Thomas Hine has been distilling their delectable works along the banks of the La Charente River since 1763. That’s more than 250 years in the same spot, doing pretty much the same thing, which BTW makes their distillery older than the US. When the folks at Thomas Hine started digging in storage, they found ancient barrels of Cognac from the last millennium.    Sure enough, Hines is famous for having old vintages on hand… just lying around. Every once in awhile, they issue a special release that sells for the price of a car. But most of the time, they continue to produce a large line of premium, accessible, extra-aged eau-de-vie of the highest quality. Queen Elizabeth herself declared them the “Royal supplies of Cognac.”    Hine VSOP is their flagship. A pleasant step up from their entry-level product, but with all of the tip top awesomeness of their best, without breaking the piggy bank. It’s all Fine Champagne Cognac … 100%! More than half of that is the “Grand Champagne” juice that all the haughty-totty rave about. And even though the French gendarmes insist that anything labelled VSOP be aged for at least four years, Hine leaves it in the barrels a bit longer, because that’s just the way they roll.     If you are a Cognac fan, this could be your daily go-to drink. If you want to discover what Cognac is all about, this is your best bet… solid quality and sophistication, but affordable and approachable at the same time. And if you are looking for a classy gift, then boom, this is it!   Smartass Corner: As the Highlands of Scotland have the Spey River, so the Cognac Region of France has the La Charente River. It carves a winding, gentle path from the mountain forests of Limousin oak near Limoges, through the heart of the Cognac appellation, before emptying into the sea at Roquefort.   

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Maison Surrenne

Cognac VSOP

Substance over style.   Maison Surrenne is a collaboration between the wizards at Craft Distillers and the largest remaining family-owned Cognac house in France. Craft Distillers works closely with a tight-knit group of industry veterans to mix and marry the products that they produce in their Distillerie Gatauld with other bits and pieces. To say that they have a long history of building successful products and brands is an understatement.   Consisting of four distilleries and eight cellars, the Cognacs produced under the Maison Surrene line are either single cask, single district or from a single vineyard, which means there's something available for everybody. The Maison Surrene Cognac VSOP represents the sweet spot in the middle of their varied range, and it's a good indication of their overall quality, yes sir.   The objective is to form an authentic brand that provides quality Cognacs at an affordable price. They are succeeding, especially if the expression at hand is any indication. It contains the best grapes grown on the producer's own vineyards, minimally blended, double distilled in small alembic stills and aged in oak casks. Smooth and complex - everything you want in a fine Cognac.   Cognac's greatest enemy in the last couple of years has been its reputation as the vanity liquor of the rich and famous, more concerned about the form and the price than the substance of the Spirit. Maison Surenne doesn't entertain the usual profit-making practices. No extravagant labeling, no additives, no flavoring. Authentic and excellent, just what we love.  

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Petite Champagne VSOP Cognac

Outstanding and very superior Cognac   In the heart of the Cognac region, there’s a winemaker inspired by Armenian heritage. Cellar Master Gilles Arramon, an experienced heir of ancient tradition with a PhD in oenology, handpicks only the best Eaux-de-vie from both Champagne regions — the Grande and the Petite one. At House Guy de Bersac, he creates a small-batch top-notch Cognac wonder: Levon le Magnifique. It’s named after the Armenian king Levon I a.k.a. The Magnificent.   Their VSOP (or Very Superior Old Pale) is an outstanding Cognac. The deep amber hue and the opulent aromas will take you on sensory vacay to the lush region of Cognac. Levon VSOP is a celebration of luxury — of enjoying life and having that "joie de vivre" everyone’s raving about. VSOP is perfect for neat tippling or putting it in a lovely cocktail (Bermuda Highball, anyone?). If your downtime moments need something sweet’n’spicy, opulent and unapologetically ritzy, pour a glass of Levon VSOP and treat yourself.

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