Our Own Peaty Blockbuster Just Got a Badass Sequel: Meet Son of a Peat 02

Our Own Peaty Blockbuster Just Got a Badass Sequel: Meet Son of a Peat 02

Hide your “Dry January” (or February or whatever) badges, the hero our senses absolutely need but don’t necessarily deserve is back – and it’s peaty A.F.

You don’t have to see the original to understand Part II, although the reputation precedes the legend. What’s walking down your street as the lights flicker, straight from treacherous mists of Scotland, is a Scotch superhero who couldn’t care less about capes and fancy landings. What Son of a Peat cares about is a world with better Whiskies.

I’m intrigued: what is it?

Not all Whiskies are created equal: Batch Two-Point-Oh of Son of a Peat went through a careful overhaul. Its DNA was enhanced, the aromas amped up and the flavors roided out. We took the essence of Islay, Speyside, the Highlands, and the Islands, turned the peat volume to eleven, and created a noble heir to the throne.

Son of a Peat is THE ultimate chaser for your favorite IPA. Take a few sips of IPA followed by a sip of Son of a Peat. And there you have it!

Son of a Peat Batch 01 was critically acclaimed, generally beloved and sold out in record time. The second coming shares its design to bring peat to both the hardcore peat-heads and the beginners. The Son of a Son of a Peat is a tad more mature and it spent some time with Sherry, too.

It’s packing a lot of peat and is extremely feisty and dark. But deep inside, there’s a warm and welcoming heart, albeit eternally engulfed in smoke. The Peaty Bastard is blended, bottled, sealed and labeled by hand, and is a breathtaking blend of nine Single Malts from four regions of Scotland.

The component Whiskies were matured in hogshead, Sherry butt casks and ex-Bourbon barrels for up to twenty years. The Smoke Slinger from Scotland brings all the usual suspects to your senses in addition to its peaty soul: notes of seaweed will take your taste buds to the shores of Scotland, while the Sherry sweetness and honeysuckle will guide you through smoke to oaky and woody landscape where you'll be welcomed by a long and buttery finish.

And how did we come up with the perfect peated malt for our members?

Well, we used the Netflix Method: we analyzed years and years of data and reviews to understand what makes the members of our booze-lovin' family tick, and created exactly that. In order to avoid the "sophomore album slump", we took our time and made sure the successor is as peaty and as badass as its Daddy.

How do I get one?

There are only two thousand bottles available to Flaviar members, but because the new sheriff in town loves to gamble (and the demand is expected to be high), there's a lottery system. Each lucky bastard may buy up to two bottles: one to enjoy immediately, and one for later.

To get a chance to secure a bottle (or two) of Son of a Peat Batch 02, register on flaviar.com by March 11, and keep your fingers crossed. Soon, we'll let you know if Lady Fortune was on your side. Feelin' lucky, punk?

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