6 Reasons Why Going to the Craft Spirits Celebration was the Only Right Thing to Do

6 Reasons Why Going to the Craft Spirits Celebration was the Only Right Thing to Do

Like a good Whisky in a cask, the world of Spirits is ever-evolving. Each year yields a different character, a new and exciting element, a distinct flavor that was never there before. We aspire to bring you the most relevant, crème de la crème ambrosia, guaranteed to make your heart dance and your taste buds quiver.

There are so many reasons why this year’s 5th Annual Craft Spirits Celebration was one for the books…but don’t just take our word for it, read for yourself…

1. New York City is EVERYTHING

Jigga said it best:
🎵Street lights, big dreams, all looking pretty
No place in the world that can compare...

Fall in NYC is ground-zero for all things a la mode in high-culture, from fashion, to art, food, and music. It’s a season of evolution, pregnant with possibility. The city has a contagious energy that gives rise dauntless exploration. New York just has that je ne sais quoi...that quintessential ambiance: the Spirit of adventure.

Photo by Liz Brown Photography @vibes_collectiveWe couldn’t think of a city more appropriate to explore Craft Spirits with you.

Houston Hall was the venue for this year’s 5th annual celebration. In the midst of the seasonal limbo in September with the summer temperatures, hundreds of Flaviaristas schlepped up to the swank West Village to discover what the world of fine Spirits had to behold.

With its lofty ceilings and exposed wood beams, the charming hall immediately transported us to a New York vintage market. A rusticated brick wall served as an immaculate backdrop for sparkling conversation and delectably good times.

Photo by Liz Brown Photography @vibes_collective

2. Access to an encyclopedic selection of Spirits.

Fortes fortuna adiuvat (Fortune Favors the Bold…)

Propelling ourselves into the Spirits cosmos, we took our tastebuds on a journey around the world… from Kentucky to Austria, gracing our lips with legends from The Glenlivet, Woodford Reserve, and Dictador, to Spirits of the new Craft-era like Whistlepig, FEW, and Ilegal Mezcal. No drink was left behind…

Photo by Liz Brown Photography @vibes_collective

We got up-close and personal with 30+ brands and 100+ drinks, learning their exquisite stories, and other interesting facts. Quite literally an aficionado’s wet dream, this Celebration was a great experience for both budding and seasoned connoisseurs to explore new Spirits and sharpen their acumen.

Photo by Liz Brown Photography @vibes_collective

Members expanded their Spirits IQ, ten-fold, personalizing their home bars with new and niche brands. These inspiring new Spirits definitely made some amendments to some home bar wishlists.

Photo by Liz Brown Photography @vibes_collective

3. T’was LIT.

The pours were plenty, the food divine, the music sublime, and the good vibes infinite.

We nosed and tasted our way through endless Spirits…enhanced by carefully curated sweet and savory food pairings designed to titillate the tastebuds, and complement a wide array of Spirits.

Photo by Liz Brown Photography @vibes_collective

We reached the zenith of gastronomic glory with incredible food pairings like mushroom thyme and goat cheese arancini, with Koval’s award-winning Gin, or mini pulled pork sliders with FEW’s Gold medal Bourbon. Other munchies on the list included shrimp sliders, grilled cheese made especially delicious by NYC’s Milk Truck, and divinely gooey, decadent brownies (which paired devilishly with Cognac).

Meanwhile, Deep House DJ’s were spinning the literal umami of sound. Bumpin’ fresh, ethereal, head-boppin’, eclectic beats.

Photo by Liz Brown Photography @vibes_collective

4. Christmas came early this year

Clink clink! Every Flaviarista went home with a Glencairn glass.

Photo by Liz Brown Photography @vibes_collective

5. This was the largest gathering of Flaviar members to date.

Hundreds of Flaviar Members partook in a celebration of 100+ hangover-worthy Libations from around the world.

You Came, You Tasted, You Conquered. Drink in one hand, pork slider in the other…count on Flaviar members to create a truly magnetic experience. Party people, explorers, adventurers from all walks of life together under one roof, with one thing in common: the love of Spirits.

Photo by Liz Brown Photography @vibes_collective

We pulled out all the stops to try to give you the best tasting experience you’ve ever had, and bring the world of Spirits to YOU. And you took full advantage. Thank you for making this a world-class experience, and thank you for sharing it with us.

We can’t wait to see what brands await us next year...

P.S. Bourbon tastes better with boas and fake moustaches…

Photo by Liz Brown Photography @vibes_collective

6. Everyone loved it.

The only voice that matters…Hear what Flaviar Members had to say!

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