Balcones Brimstone Smoked Corn Whiskey


Brimstone Smoked Corn Whiskey

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Go BIG or go home. The only way they know... and follow. 

You just have to love the charming, independent, and rebellious Spirit of Texas. Balcones Distilling is based in Waco—just about halfway between Dallas and Austin. Texas is a big state, and they like everything big … big steaks, big trucks, big hats, and big flavors. Balcones is still a small distillery (thank goodness!), but it is filled with big ideas.  
They hand-make a range of Whiskeys, Rums, and mysterious fiddly things, all of which are unabashedly crafted with the big flavors they love.  But just because these Texan Spirits stand up and yell Yeee-Haw!” doesn’t mean they don’t have all the serious craftsmanship and quality you get in the big city or the fancy-dancy capitals of Europe.  These spirits are top notch, and they have the awards to prove it.

Balcones Distillery keeps on cranking out some of the coolest new products with a healthy dose of Texan independence and good ‘ol American tryhard grit. Their ingenuity manifests itself in the Balcones Brimstone Smoked Corn Whiskey, which is definitely one of the most original smoky brews around. What’s the catch? Instead of smoking the grain, they smoke the Whiskey. 
How exactly do the Balcones boys perform such a feat (sans peat)? Well, that’s a secret, y’all. All we know is the Whiskey is smoked using sun-baked Texas scrub oak, which gives it the intense aroma of a traditional Texas BBQ that hits you in the face faster than a campfire with some serious tail wind. Hate it or love, there’s no denying the fact that this Whiskey leaves no one indifferent. Right on. Go BIG or go home. 

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  • Style
    Corn Whiskey
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  • Country
    United States
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Flavour Spiral™

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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Tennessee Whiskey closely parallels Bourbon, but a final filter through sugar-maple charcoal (called the Lincoln Country Process) is what some producers say differentiates Tennessee whiskey from its Kentucky cousin. The finish is sweeter and smoother than Bourbon.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Deep Copper.
Nose / Aroma / Smell
Texas campfire and everything that goes with it. 
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Smoked pepper, brown suggar, vanilla and of course ... BBQ delight.

Flavour Spiral
smoky, maple syrup, syrup, oak, burnt, meat, dark chocolate, sweet, butter
Ratings & Reviews
nose: barbeque, smoke, steak, some sugar sweetness palate: slightly oily, smoke, more bbq finish: peppery and sweet, bbq sauce, medium long finsih, how you dream your bbq food tastes overall: definitely unique and one of a kind. not sure when you would ever have it but it is good
Delicious smoke! This is like drinking a campfire but in a good way.
Strong. It's like drinking a fire pit, but in a good way. Long lingering finish. Love it!
Like drinking a campfire....spectacular!!
I felt like I was tasting a Texas antique store that sat upwind of a BBQ restaurant.
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