Ten To One Caribbean Dark Rum

Ten To One Caribbean Dark Rum

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A native son returns to build a Rum empire, and his signature aged Dark Rum is an excellent start.

We’ve heard a lot of origin stories in the Spirits business, so it’s hard to impress us these days. But the story of Marc Farrell is pretty darned impressive. He was born in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago. At the ripe old age of sixteen he left to study chemical engineering… at MIT. He went on to get a Master in Philosophy from Cambridge and an MBA from some school called Harvard. At the age of thirty-three he became the youngest VP in Starbucks history. Last year he stepped out on his own to launch a new Caribbean Rum brand "Ten to One," to develop a contemporary, elevated Rum experience. See what we mean? Impressive, right?

Ten To One Caribbean Dark Rum is a blend of premium Rums from across the Caribbean — eight year-old column still Rums from Barbados and the Dominican Republic, pot still Rum from Jamaica, and Trinidad Rum in the style of Angostura. The blend has been married and further aged in ex-Bourbon casks and it is bottled at 40% ABV, with ZERO added sugars, colorings, or flavorings.
  • Category
  • Style
    Dark Rum
  • Region
  • Country
    Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica, Dominican Republic
  • Alcohol
  • Distillery
  • Age
  • Maturation
    ex-Bourbon casks

Flavor Spiral™

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orange zest
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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Rum used to be accepted as a form of currency in Europe and Australia, a practice we should probably bring back into fashion.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Honey Amber with golden yellow hues.

Nose / Aroma / Smell
Driven by cooked fruit character, and baking spices. Esters are quite present, banana peel, and baked yellow apple. Nut loaf, oatmeal cookie, roasted nuts, and toffee.

Flavor / Taste / Palate
Much more savory in character versus driven by esters. Tobacco, cedar, mulch, and vanilla. Baked apples and banana bread. Worn leather flavors. Tangy and nutty.

Finishes dry and clean.
Ratings & Reviews
Not your typical sweet rum, very bourbon influenced. Made a great rum old fashioned and is tasty neat as well.
Rum is really growing on me. I can use it in most all of the ways I use bourbon, and some (like this one) are great sippers too. Lots of barrel in this expression. Not too sweet.
Not great
This rum falls right in the upper end of the 'like it' category. It is good, light enjoyable sweetness but I prefer more than it provides. Nothing bad in this experience just lacks the level of flavor and complexity that takes a rum to the ' I love it' category. I will say it is better than average. If you like a less sweet rum this would be a great choice as I find that to be the biggest negative and I really am enjoying the rest of what it provides.
I have several bourbons I drink and this rum comes closest to a bourbon that I have tried. Not as sweet as most rums but very smooth.
Damn good rum, best I've had for just drinking on the rocks. Made an old fashion with it might be my new fav for a while anyways.
I'm not a rum guy, but I was intrigued by the story. I tried the light version, loved it, so tried this one. Much the same - a bit drier, a bit woodier, but still great. Lots of fruit, including the peach on the finish. This is a great drink and I say this as a compliment, barely a rum. This isn't for mojitos or mixing. Sip this like a bourbon. Highly recommend.
Very different than any other rum i have ever had. I'm usually not a rum drinker but was intrigued with the fact it was aged like a bourbon.
I loved this Dark Rum. Its now on my list as one of my top 3 favorite Dark Rums. Full flavored, great after tones and just the right level of kick for me. The only downside is that the bottle went empty far too quick. I highly recommend this Dark Rum. Great job!!!
This is a great Rum for the price range! The nose is wonderful, with strong fruit and vanilla overtones. The taste is much different from the nose in that those flavors are overpowered by the smokiness. A single ice cube helped bring those flavors back out again. I really enjoyed the clean finish. Overall great Rum!
Not my favorite rum, but certainly not bad.
Truly exquisite flavor profiles! I have enjoyed playing mixologist with both varietals and am surprised at how each has its own distinct character!
I'm a whisky drinker, and this might have switched me to be a rum drinker! So good on the rocks.
I know, Right???
The aroma has an intoxicating amount of brown sugar, cane juice, and molasses all rolled together. The flavor is clean a wee hint of alcohol heat. There’s a nice wood and oak backbone that is grounding and pervasive in the other flavors. Dried fruit, orange marmalade, and other sweet baking flavors in the background
I was expecting a typical rum flavoring here but was surprised. I like bourbon also and this definitely has that profile strongly in it. If you like sweet smooth rum, then you may not like this. If you like bourbon but think rum is too sweet, this might be for you. It caught me off guard but I do enjoy it.
Sweet with a hint spice, delicious
Very smooth and sweet rum.
It's smooth compared to other 7-10 year rums. For the price it's decent. Other reviews are saying is was very dry, I didn't find it dry at all. I did taste the leather, honey-crisp apple, and what tasted like super dry lemoncello. It worked well as the third Rum in my Mai Tai (Rhum JM Blanc, Smith & Cross, and Ten to One). The oaky/leather is all that comes through when mixed.
Top notch rum! Very different from our traditional rum brands. A certified clean rum on the rocks or poured neat. I am beyond impressed. Will be ordering again!
This is what Rum should be! Found my drink.
I'm really not a rum drinker but I just got this as a gift from a friend and can't believe how good it tastes. I was instructed to try Ten To One Dark Rum in place of whiskey in an old fashioned and was told it would be life-changing. It was. Will definitely order when I run out!
I’ve never been a really big rum drinker, I’m more of a whiskey aficionado. I mainly only drink rum on vacation but I decided to venture out and try a few new spirits, looking for something that would go well neat or over rocks without any added mixers or sugary stuff to affect the flavor. I give the dark rum by Ten To One a chance and it’s a winner for me. Not sure what it would be like in a cocktail (I’m terrible at cocktails), but having it with a large cube reminds me of a smooth whiskey and not something I’d order on vacation at a tiki bar. Haven’t really had anything else in the rum world to give me a flavor profile like this. I’d recommend it to any folks out there looking to venture into a sprint they maybe haven’t tried before.
I absolutely loved this rum!! I am not usually a rum drinker but this rum was super smooth, full of flavor and just delicious. I will definitely buying this product again.
Pretty good dark rum. Starts quite smooth and finishes fairly dry. The banana nut aroma and flavor is quite pleasant. There are better rums out there but I don't think you can go wrong with this one.
Not our favorite. In a blind taste test I think I would have identified it as a whiskey even more than a rum. It was sharp, not smooth. There are several dark rums I prefer over this one.
Never been into rum, I typically drink whiskey. However, I wanted to branch out and try new things. This is not exactly what I expected and is OK at best. I would not buy again.
Has a nice bite to it. Not overly sweet like a lot of dark rums. Will definitely buy it again👍🏴‍☠️
Great flavor. For people that want to be into whiskey but aren't there yet, this is a very good "transition" rum. Will definitely be my go-to rum for a while.
Solid dark rum. Good flavor. When mixed with OJ and Pineapple juice, makes the best Mai-Tai.
not a bad rum for the price.
I wasn't expecting this to be as dry as it was, and it is kind of a strong leather taste that I'm not used to, and is a little disappointing to me. It's not a bad rum by any means, just, wasn't what I was expecting or looking for.
The leather flavor overpowers everything. Disappointed with it. Expecting to be able to drink it straight but needs something to mix it with.
Looking over other reviews, I disagree with this being smooth. The taste is ok but there is a harsh aftertaste which overpowers any sipping enjoyment. In mixed drinks the harshness is softened with the blended ingredients of a cocktail especially sweet mixtures such as fruit juices, or simple syrup. Comparing it with Larga Vita another Caribbean Rum here on Flaviar, the Larga Vita easily is the winner in both taste and smoothness. Although not expensive if your buying this for a cocktail you can find less expensive rums that blend better. Although I made two purchases of this Rum. I can't recommend it for the reasons above.
I know everyone says "X rum is a great rum for whiskey drinkers." This is so true for Ten To One's dark rum. It's SO whiskey-like! It's delicate and balanced with notes of oak and baking spices. Quite dry! Enjoyed sipping on it, but look forward to also trying it in a cocktail.
Very smooth, amazing flavor profile, super easy to poor and drink a glass to unwind. Makes me feel like I’m on vacation, it’s a fan favorite of mine and my friends, will likely purchase again.
This is a really good sipping rum. Smooth-esc...as in, not very spicy, not very hot either. Very good with a cube of ice and sitting back on deck watching the time roll by.
Wow this rum is smooth. Goes down like nothing. That being said it lacked the dimension I look for in rum. My favorite so far is Afrohead 15 because it is so complex and strong on leather and tobacco. This had none of that. Would be a good mixer rum. Some as they come but lacking in flavor.
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