Paul John Nirvana Single Malt Indian Whisky

Paul John Nirvana Single Malt Indian Whisky

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Serenity now! Time to get meditative with an Indian Single Malt.

What do Whisky and the Indian island of Goa have in common, you ask? Well, suppose they both love a good party. This might have been the reasoning behind one Paul P. John's decision to expand his liquor biz with some premium single malts, opening a dedicated distillery on the aforementioned party island. Master Distiller Michael D’Souza carefully picks indigenous local ingredients, while the tropical climate makes sure every batch is matured perfectly. And quickly ― five years spent in the tropical climate are roughly equivalent to a 15-year-old Scotch.

The Paul John series was launched in 2012, exactly 20 years after Paul P. John took up his father's mantle and got into distilling. Nirvana Single Malt isn't about the band, but rather the mental state of pure, peaceful bliss. An adventure for old troupers and Whisky noobies alike, this unpeated spirit was crafted using Indian six-row barley and aged in new charred American oak barrels, resulting in a rich combo of sweetness & spice. At long last we've found the perfect yoga partner. Now that's the sort of cultural enrichment we can all get behind. 

Flavor Spiral™

About The Flavor Spiral

What does Paul John Nirvana Single Malt Indian Whisky taste like?

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Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Deep copper

Nose / Aroma / Smell
Honey and fruit hit the nose instantly with some apricots and apples in there, then give way to gentle notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak.

Flavor / Taste / Palate
There's plenty of that honey sweetness on the palate, along with raisins, caramel, and the tiniest touch of seawater.

The finish is satisfyingly long with the honey, malt, and vanilla notes taking their sweet time before gently fading out. 
Ratings & Reviews
This is a great single malt for the price- real bourbon flavor profile but the malt i was of a scotch. Tropical and fun, but light and easy to drink!
Don't sleep on Paul John. This is a wonderful single malt from Goa, India that is unpeated, delivers light, bright, and fruity flavors. From the fist sip I was taken by this whisky and I am blown away at how affordable it is for the quality of the whisky.
Great taste for an entry level single malt at this price
Too strong for my taste. The alcohol overwhelmed the taste.
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