Two Stunning Peeps, One Stauning Design

Two Stunning Peeps, One Stauning Design

Landing this stunning opportunity in our sweepstakes probably wasn't what Japhet Murenzi from Cyangugu, Rwanda had in mind for this summer—but, boy, are we glad he did!

Japhet's idea to feature one of Rwanda's many volcanoes and the native gorilla blended perfectly with the unique art style of Stauning's special edition label designer, Thit Hansgaard.

Having found their perfect “Spirits animal,” the Design Dr(e)am Duo concocted one really stunning Whisky label—thanks to Flaviar!

"I couldn't imagine a better way to label the whisky with a smoky aroma without featuring the strength of this beautiful creature and its foggy habitat." - Japhet Murenzi

Heather Smoked Whisky

Heather Smoked Whisky

Heather Smoked was crafted from locally grown and malted barley, and dried using heather from the nearby moors of the Danish West Coast. Then the juice was double-distilled in direct-fired pot stills, and matured for 5 years in a selection of fortified Wine casks + a single smoky Islay Whisky quarter cask—now that’s a Whisky worthy of a Flaviarista!

The unique notes of raisins, thyme, lemon, honey, and cereals mix with subtle smoke to evoke memories of evenings spent near a bonfire.

This limited-edition small batch Whisky is available only at Flaviar so make sure to get a taste of this friendship!

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Stauning Smoke is an elegant award-winning New Nordic Terroir Whisky with a smoky and complex character.

Smoke Single Malt is an heir to the experimental pot still Whisky that compelled Jim Murray (of Whisky Bible fame) to exclaim it “might become one of the best peated Whiskies in the world—and it’s not even from Islay!”


For this expression, Stauning had to literally invent a new style of grain: Danish Malted Rye. Stauning Rye Whisky is a smooth and fruity Danish translation of the all-American Spirit, made from malted rye and barley—a one-of-a-kind expression.


Stauning’s flagship Whisky, a Triple Malt that blends Single Malt, Smoked Single Malt, and Malted Rye, is a blend of everything Stauning loves in one bottle. Fruity and complex with a hint of smoke and rye spice. Opulent Nordic terroir influence—and lots of character.

About Stauning

About Stauning

What do you get when you combine Whisky and a rural butchery in West Coast Denmark? The Stauning founders had the same thought back in 2005.

Adopting the best traditional Whisky production techniques including floor-malting and direct-fired stills, they put Denmark on the world Whisky terroir map.