Mortlach DistilleryMortlach Distillery

Founded in 1823
The Mortlach Distillery is located in the historic burgh of Dufftown. Dufftown sits in what was the parish of Mortlach, an episcopal see and seat of Beóán of Mortlach, its first bishop as of 1012 AD.

Modern Dufftown is home to a several magnificent castles, and hosts a Highlands Games annually, making it a destination for tourists to the region.

Mortlach Distillery was founded in 1823, by one James Findlater on the site of what was previously an illegal operation. Mortlach was the first legally licensed producer in what would come to be known as the, "Whisky Capital of the World."

After changing owners periodically for 30 years, the operation was taken over wholesale by George Cowie in 1867. 30 years after that his son, Alexander Cowie expanded the distillery.

He oversaw the engineering of a rail spur known as, "The Strathspey Line", connecting it directly to Dufftown. Mortlach again changed hands in 1923, when it was purchased by John Walker and Sons

Mortlach is known for its somewhat unusual distillation process. The house has 6 stills, each of which has a different size and shape, and each of which was added at a different time in Mortlach's history. They combine to render what Mortlach calls a "2.81 distillation process."

Water arrives from the Dykehead Catsvraig, in the Conval Hills of Speyside. Mortlach's barley — also from Speyside — is unpeated. Though known for maturation in Sherry casks, Mortlach has in recent years, introduced ex-Bourbon American oak to their warehouses.

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Distillery Details

  • Country
    United Kingdom, Scotland
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  • Established
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  • Type
    Single malt
  • Number of stills
    3 wash, 3 spirit
  • Visitor center
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  • Address
    Mortlach Distillery, Dufftown, Moray AB55 4AQ, Scotland
  • Phone
    +44 1340 822100
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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
William Grant, who founded the Glenfiddich Distillery, spent the first twenty years of his career working at Mortlach.

Want to visit but your bogged down with children, who don't appreciate Scotch? Let them know that Hogwarts, the magical school of Harry Potter fame, is hidden somewhere near Dufftown in the books!

Mortlach was closed several times in its rockier early years. The facility was put to various uses, the most tickling among them: a brief stint as a church.
Glens a plenty, history in abundance - that's Speyside.

The most densely populated Whisky region in the world sits in a fertile valley of rivers and glens. Home to over half of Scotland’s distilleries, malts from these fifty or so Speyside distilleries are hard to summarize, as there's a lot of flavour variety.

One thing we can say is that they're known for being frugal with peat and lavish with nutty fruit flavours. Apple, pear, honey, vanilla and spice all have a part to play in the Speyside Whiskies. Speyside Whisky also knows its way around a Sherry cask.
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Video transcription
Mortlach, it's more than a drop of sophistication. More than just an amber invitation to the deserving palate. It is a legend. Conceived in the first legal distillery in Dufftown, the heart of Speyside. A secret known to a select few since 1823. Created during the time of unstoppable progress by the visionary minds of engineering greats, George Cowie and his son Dr. Alexander. The Cowies brought their expertise to the heart of their distillery. Creating a uniquely complex and precise 2.81 distillation process. Resulting in a bold, rich, flavoursome spirit. Tuned for years in the finest oak cask that today's Whisky connoisseurs refer to as the "The Beast of Dufftown". A selection of four exquisite expressions, each carrying the distinct characteristic of the distillery. Celebrate the modern day Cowies, audacious thinkers that shaped the world.

Mortlach, malt Whisky made magnificent.

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