Highland Park Viking Pride 18 Year Old

Highland Park Viking Pride 18 Year Old

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A world champion Single Malt that could be some of the best Highland Park has to offer.

Highland Park is the most northerly distillery in Scotland on the island of Orkney. Legend has it that it was founded by Whisky smuggler Magnus Eunson in the late 1700s and that he used his position as a church officer to conceal Whisky beneath the church pulpit. Don’t assume that “Highland Park” means their Whisky is made in the Highland style. In character, their spirit is closer to a midpoint between Lowland and Islay Single Malts. Perhaps the most famous Whisky connoisseur of all time — journalist Michael Jackson — called Highland Park, “The greatest all-rounder in the world of Malt Whisky.”

Highland Park Viking Pride 18 Year Old has been named “Best Spirit in the World” by the respected Spirit Journal… twice. They are so precise about this Whisky that they even specify the exact location where the peat used to dry the malt must be harvested — Hobbister Moor. They are equally particular about the European ex-Sherry casks used to age it in precise temperate locations. It’s obvious why they call it “Viking Pride.” So, we suggest that you purchase more than one bottle while it’s in stock if you can manage it. 

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citrus zest
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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Categories of Scotch Whisky: Single malt, Blended malt (formerly called Vatted malt), blended, single grain and blended grain Scotch.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Antique Bronze

Nose / Aroma / Smell
The nose is complex and filled with florals — heather and hibiscus — with cherry juice, warm toffee, almond cookies, and peat smoke

Flavor / Taste / Palate
On the tongue you’ll find a creamy texture with a lot going on… from deep stewed fruits, espresso, citrus zest, toffee, and a delicate spice blend.

The finish is nice and long with sweetness, herbs, and a touch of peat."
Ratings & Reviews
Chocolate, almond, caramel biscuits, cigars, ash. A perfect harmony of so much flavor and aromas.
For those desperately trying to enjoy Lagavulin (because it’s the best!) but can’t get through the smoke and the power, this is the glorious solution. Layers of character that feature Islay-like peat smoke but also some sweet, delicate notes. Like Iron Mike Tyson with his quiet voice. A first time drinker won’t have the experience to fully appreciate what has been accomplished here, but who cares?! It’s an absolute pleasure.
Wonderful fruit/smoke/chocolate blend. Complex nose, creamy mouth-feel and a long finish. One of the very very best!
I like the the 12 a little better than the 18, both are very good and can't go wrong with either.
A beautiful, complex sipper with the right amount of smoke to complement the rest of the flavor profile.
The smoke on this is sublime. Beautifully smokey up front followed by spiciness and salt that lingers. Rounded out at the end by a sweet body that brings it all together. The smoke and the salt are very long lasting and smooth. What a dram.
Delicious, deep, complex Scotch. The palate hits with peat and brine. A swish opens up dried fruits and honey, with a delicious, dark fruit finish that hangs around long after your last sip. Take your time with this one and enjoy it slowly. A truly fantastic, unique spirit.
It is a very good, complex, Single Malt Scotch Whisky that has a complex birth with notes of fresh blossom, heather, hibiscus, cherry juice, warm toffee, honey, almond cookies & peat smoke; while a complex & creamy life adds notes of stewed fruits, espresso, citrus zest, toffee, cinnamon & allspice; that leads to a long & rich death with notes of herbs & a hint of peat.
A nice balance of fruit and smoke that makes it unique.
Wonderful, complex but approachable, great smoke. If it wasn't so hard to get, I'd say it's one of my top 5 scotches.
Very smooth start with a subtle heat/smoke flavor then the Carmel’s and floral flavors take over, great long finish.
Nose 👃 ; Light but complex, florals, biscuits, toffe, some peat and oak, Taste 👅 ; Complex taste, with a sweet smokiness to start of, fruits, some florals, citrus zest, and a dash of hot spices, Finish ; Quite sharp and long, spices and peat, with some caramel, Wow! I really love the complex nature of this dram, I believe I will find new things in this one every time I try it! Not my favorite but definitely one of my top 3! 👌
Somewhat disappointing for the price and age statement. I was expecting Highland Park 12 on steroids, but it seems as if this lost the profile that makes the 12 yr enjoyable to me. Still a good scotch, but not for the price.
Delicious, currently my favorite. A friend during a blind tasting calked it “like strawberries and sunshine”.
Delicate apricot and peach on the nose with a hint of brine, oak, chocolate, and sandalwood. Fruity character plays well with a hint of smoke and caramel on the back. Pallet is complex, with smoke coming out first, and sweetness and fruit developing later. Sweetness is intermingled with salty notes, and all tied well together with delicate peat and fruit. Aftertaste is light smoke with ripe fruit and caramel notes. A few drops of water develops more sweetness and freshness. Overall very smooth, complex, and satisfying. One of the best complex whiskeys.
My favourite whiskey so far. I’m still new in this world.
A very tasty dram. Light on the nose - a bit herbal, some toffee. Did not really taste the peat that everyone seems to report - but then again, I've been into heavily peated scotches lately. The finish on this is pretty amazing; sweet and truly pleasant.
very smooth a little sweet
This is an ideal scotch with peat. Not enough to overwhelm you, but enough to say you've just enjoyed a freaking great 18 year old whisky.
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