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Heaven Hill Mellow Corn

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Mellow Corn is NOT Bourbon … it’s a 100-proof bottle of 81% corny rocket fuel packaged like a 1950’s diner that’ll make you re-think what it means to be American Whiskey. 
Heaven Hill is the largest independent, family-owned distillery company in the United States producing more the 50 brands of spirits and several variations therein. They were founded in 1935, at the height of the Great Depression (reason enough to need a shot of Whiskey) immediately after the repeal of Prohibition. 
They are based in Bardstown, Kentucky, so you might bet that Bourbon is a big part of what they do, and you would be right. Heaven Hill is currently the second largest holder of aging Bourbon Whiskey stock in the world with an inventory of over 1 million barrels. Cheers! But these days they do a lot more than Bourbon and have a wide range of products including Gins, Vodkas, and a load of specialty beverages. 
Mellow Corn Whiskey is NOT Bourbon. In order to be called Bourbon, a Whiskey has to have at least 51% Corn in the mash. But before there was Bourbon, there was Corn Whiskey, which requires at least 81% corn in the mash, and that is what Mellow Corn is: Kentucky Straight Corn Whiskey. And this interestingly yellow Whiskey is aged for four years in ex-Bourbon barrels. If you take the time and incur the expense of aging for four years in barrels that those Scotts would gladly pay you a handsome price for, you ain’t messing around! 
Mellow Corn is not a newcomer either. Heaven Hill has been making it since 1945, but it has lived its corny little life in obscurity until recently as craft bartenders and hipsters all over the country have been on the lookout for new things to mix with and new cocktails to invent. Mellow Corn has not changed its label or packaging either, so it looks like a 1950’s billboard (which is actually part of the charm). But this is a serious Whiskey that is a part of the real heritage of distilling in the US. 
SmartAss Corner
Mellow Corn is actually “in bond.” This is a ancient designation from the “Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897” which was passed in reaction to cheap and inferior Whiskies entering the market back in the day. If a Whiskey is “in bond” it must be aged at least four years in a federally bonded warehouse and bottled at 100 proof (50% ABV).
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    Straight Corn Whiskey
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    United States
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    Heaven Hill

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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Moonshine Whiskey is distilled from a varied mix of corn and sugar and is aged in Mason jars and jugs for the length of time that it takes the customers to get home.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Bright, golden yellow   
Nose / Aroma / Smell
It smells like Cracker Jacks … really 
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Powerful stuff! Sweet kettle corn and toffee with nuts … yep, Cracker Jacks on steroids
Give me a minute to catch my breath … sweet spice
Ratings & Reviews
Great smooth taste neat or as cocktail. Will be coming back for more.
Popcorn party.
Surprisingly mellow flavor for the potency. Not too sweet, not too sour, good overall flavor.
Like the corn dust flavor to it.
Very smooth for corn. Great for party
I can’t say this is a bad whiskey...but I also am finding difficulty calling it good. It certainly has an aroma and flavor that reminds me of caramel, vanilla, and maybe even dried fruit, and it is pretty smooth, but that’s where the good points end. There’s no complexity or depth in the aroma and flavor of the whiskey, nor does the flavor evolve much on the palate. I’ve seen people in other reviews describing a cut grass taste and I kind of sense that on the finish but for me it turns into a strangely bitter aftertaste that reminds me of grass and old corn, which makes sense for it being a corn whiskey. It’s a one of a kind liquor for sure and has an interesting history, though if you’re not looking to get sloshed in a bittersweet corn whiskey then this is not the bottle for you.
I know, you get what you pay for, so this gets 5 stars instead of 4. I can’t really get into this, not even for an old fashioned. I’ll figure out a way to finish the bottle.
This does not come across as corn sweet, but rather creamed corn and fresh cut grass. Won’t buy again
I can smell the caramel in it, although I can't taste it. It starts out smooth and finishes with a bite. It's pretty decent for the price.
Very buttery, the "corn" aspect sticks out pretty predominately. Not like a regular whiskey, but a nice novelty. Eye: straw yellow Nose: astringent, banana taffy Palate: grain, butter, corn, sugar, bee’s wax Mouth feel: oily, viscous Finish: medium
Enjoying this with lime , it’s has a powerful taste and hi in alcohol content
Nice mixer , and I can drink straight, but prefer it a dry Manhattan.
Expecting much more than just having a taste like cheap charcoal filtered vodka
Great, smooth, sweet corn flavor.
Totally worth it for the price. Would buy again
The taste is fine, it is only corn whiskey aged for a minute or two, no kidding, supposedly 4 years hence the color. Don't expect anything fancy and you won't be disappointed. I think it would make a good mixer, it is sweet so you'd have to be careful what you dumped it into. Not complex, no oak, no pepperiness, just a sweet corn taste, and a nice burn, I like it on a cube or two. Costs too much on here.
This is strong. Definitely needs to be mixed with something. It is good mixed with the new bold ginger ale that is in the store
I was curious about this whiskey because it seems to have almost a cult following online. Perhaps not because it's top shelf, more like, it's a booze drinkers meme in real life. First, I admit I may not have the most sophisticated palate. When I hear people describe whiskey as having an essence of spring rain and unicorn farts, I tend to roll my eyes. I can count on one hand the number of spirits where I detected anything other than 'whiskey.' That's where Mellow Corn stepped in. As I inhaled my first breath of this whiskey, I could clearly make out hints of crushed dreams and the flagging hopes of the city's local homeless camp. It tastes about how the BO of 1000 hippies stuck in a Venezuelan rain forest during Coronavirus smells. I think this liquor would best be enjoyed out of a paper bag, in an alley behind the local gas station, shared with your friends who have as much dignity remaining as they likely do teeth.
This is Dirty Mike and the boys. You bet we love some mellow corn. Best mixed with some cheap glue in the bag and huffed behind the woods of a public library.
A bit spicy, with a smooth finish and real hints of corn on the back. Really enjoy!
Ok. So if you want to have a fun, light whisky, then you can't go wrong with this little gem! If you can get past the "corny" looking bottle then you've got a sweet corn smelling, cream of corn whisky that has no bite for a 100 proof with no lasting mouthfeel the second it goes down. But that is to the drams benefit, because you'll love to keep sipping till it's all gone. There is a reason Heaven Hill has been putting it out for over 70 years, and at less than $20 I can see why! It's a steal!
Appearance: Color is straw, decent legs... Nose: Corn grain sweetness, faint vanilla, caramel and baking spices. Average... Palate: Grainy corn sweetness, baking spice, youth, but not the in-your-face bitter of poorly aged Whiskey, a little vanilla. Different, a little below average... Mouthfeel is Average... Finish: A more creamy vanilla flavor and baking spices, mild but lingers due to proof... Overall: If you go in expecting a Bourbon, you will be disappointed, but if you want a cohesive, solid example of a Corn Whiskey, this is it. Corn dominates the profile, and the barrel mostly just tempers the youth and grain.
Definitely my favorite whiskey! Got it on a whim not expecting anything special but it's much more tasty and smoother than my previous go to which was Wild Turkey 101! I just wish it was still available (HINT FLAVIAR) this stuff is hard to find! Also if you don't like a flavor punch in the face it's not for you
Kinda rough, nice departure from the bourbon I usually have. I’ll buy again!
Have to come from a “moonshine” background to appreciate the amount corn in this bottle. Not quite sure why they didn’t leave it clear.
I knew a $20 bottle of whiskey was not going to give me a TON of greatness, but even as a cola mixer, this was pretty harsh. Not just taste, but the feeling it left after it was drank. Description hyped it up real good, but it ended up being exactly what you’d expect from a cheap bottle of whiskey.
going to wait on this one for a better time to try
Wow spicy love it
Very smooth for the ABV..not the greatest nose or complexity.
Definitely mellow. Slightly spicy. Can taste the corn. Very drinkable!
Wow, it's got some kick! Will drink again
This is one of my favorite whisky. Like butter !
For the price this is a great buy! I’ll keep this in my home bar!
It's a wonderful bang for your buck if you care about it. A great option to have in your home collection that will get most people to at least say "hmm, not bad" since you can't find it everywhere.
Surprisingly decent. While it won't compare to a good scotch, it's pretty good. Go in with an open mind. For the price, it's worth it.
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