George Dickel 11 Year Bottled In Bond

George Dickel 11 Year Bottled In Bond

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George Dickel delivers an encore performance, Bottled in Bond, and dripping with Tennessee flavor.

George Dickel immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1844 where he started a small retail business. Within a few years he started buying regional Whiskies wholesale and reselling them to bars and restaurants. In 1888, Dickel’s company bought out one of his suppliers — the Cascade Hollow Distillery. The dark days of Prohibition forced them to close things down. When Prohibition ended, the distillery was sold and the Bourbon renamed in honor of their founder. In 1956, the company returned to Tennessee, rebuilt the distillery, and adopted the Lincoln County process to become an official Tennessee Whisky. Today, the brand and distillery are owned by Diageo.

In 2019, George Dickel released a special "Bottled in Bond" edition and the market rewarded them for the effort with a handful of industry Gold Medals and sold out store shelves. So naturally they are doing it again this year. George Dickel 11 Year Bottled in Bond was distilled in the autumn of 2008 and bottled in the spring of 2020. Make no mistake… this is the George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey that you love with the standard mash bill of 84% corn, 8% rye, and 8% malted barley. To qualify as "Bottled in Bond," the Spirit must be distilled in a single season, from a single distiller, produced and aged at a single location, and be bottled at 50% ABV (100 proof).

Smartass Corner:
George Dickel wanted to let folks know that his American Whisky was ever bit as smooth as imported Scotch. That’s why to this very day the label used the Scottish spelling of the word "Whisky" — without the "e."
  • Category
  • Style
    Straight Tennessee Whisky
  • Region
  • Country
    United States
  • Alcohol
  • Distillery
  • Age
    11 Year Old

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toasted oak
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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Rye Whiskey is made from mash that is at least 51 per cent rye. The grain gives rye Whiskey its spicy, sometimes peppery, and bitter flavor. Rye was a big seller before Prohibition. After decades in obscurity, it’s fashionable again. George Washington distilled rye Whiskey at Mount Vernon.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Dark Amber

Nose / Aroma / Smell
It’s like Tennessee perfume with notes of pecan pralines and maple bars.

Flavor / Taste / Palate
The palate is strong and perfectly sweet and builds on the aromas with notes of pecan pie, apple chips, warm caramel, toasted oak, and something that makes you think of Sunday morning pancakes.

The finish is pleasantly long, warm, sweet, and oaky.
Ratings & Reviews
Not my favorite, overwhelming vitamin taste
Amazing flavors, easy to drink and smooth as silk. Definitely going to buy another bottle...two actually one for me and one for my father in law who is a big Dickel fan.
A little too oaky and yes that vitamin fruit taste. Grew on me though as it is very complex. Better nest than on the rocks.
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