Corsair Red Absinthe

Corsair Red Absinthe

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A unique perception of what an Absinthe should be.

Andrew Webber and Darek Bell own and run the Corsair Artisan Distillery located in Bowling Green, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee. Friends since childhood, Adrew and Darek began as beer brewers out of their garage and later hit a snag while working on a prototype bio-diesel plant. Soon after they opened up Corsair, a distillery dedicated to producing exquisite small-batch spirits, and relentless experimentation, they realized that producing Whiskey would be a lot more fun.

The Corsair Red Absinthe has a truly unique perception of what an Absinthe should be. Bringing together traditional production methods with unorthodox ingredients like citrus, tarragon and red Hibiscus flowers makes this Absinthe really offbeat and something you have to get your hands on. Looks like the Green Fairy can be Red also!?  

Flavor Spiral™

About The Flavor Spiral

What does Corsair Red Absinthe taste like?

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Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Cream red.
Smell / Nose / Aroma
A balanced aroma of hibiscus, wormwood and slightly floral scents.
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Silky mouthfeel of dry, peppery and floral palate.
A dry, bitter long lasting sensation.
Ratings & Reviews
This is a very tasty classic absinthe even though it is red in color. It's not too herbal and is great over ice or mixed.
I enjoy this both straight and with a splash of water. Strong flavor but mellow at the same time. Smooth might be a better word, at least as far as Absinthe goes.
Before ordering, ask your self "Do I love Absinthe, or am I merely a lost tourist". If you are the latter, you may wish to give this one a pass. No, the whole hallucination bit is way overblown, don't expect it. And you probably won't make out with your own sister in an east European nightclub, either, unless you're already into that, then, well, you need therapy, not a drink. Beware, this red fairy has a bite that can make a sane boy slap his momma. Of course, the licorice flavor absinthe addicts (like yours truly, gentle reader) live for, but then magic happens, magic ! Hibsiscus surrounds the senses and slowly the delicate flavor, although surprising in its intensity, of orange blossoms happens. Amazing shift in primary, secondary and tertiary notes. For a taster, this is an E ticket ride in old Disney land, well worth the long line to get in. Distinguishing notes is going to take a few sips, maybe a second glass, whatever floats your Pinta, Chris. Okay, drinking it right. Such a lovely Orange Amber louche, pearl orange you may call it. The aroma drifts around you (I should shut off that ceiling fan but even that cannot defeat the florals) I would wear this as perfume, were it not a sin to waste such a wonderful drink on such base uses. If you love absinthe, and feel a little "Anthony Bourdain" in your search for something out of The ordinary, here it is. Worth every single penny and then some.
love the review! Can flaviar just pay you to review everything on their website!!!
This is delicious. This is now my favorite, Sebastian is right, you need to like absinthe to truly enjoy this. This is best with just adding ice water, skip the sugar for a mellow, relaxing after work refresher!
Gentler on the nose than many fine absinthe labels...Citrus is strongest with clove on the nose before adding water.
I like absinthe. Don't buy it unless you do cause this is a flowery black licorice mess. This will knock you out. It will make the stars rain on your head if you go in on it. That being said, it's good for sazeracs and a punch in the face after a beer
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