All about Glen Scotia

Glen Scotia produces different styles of Whiskies. But what can be said for their Whiskies is they try to make it complex. Some of their Whiskies are highly peated but some of them are jam monsters.

Speaking of their current range they are generally complex, dark Whiskies with a lot of fruity characteristics. Caramelized aromas, with oak and forest fruits are mostly observed. Depending on the Whisky peat, smoke and sea salt is also found.

All about Glen Scotia distillery

Being one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland, Glen Scotia is situated just at the very heart of Campbeltown.

Founded by the Galbraith family in 1832, Glen Scotia remained in the family until 1919, when it was sold to West Highland Malt Distillers. The company went bankrupt and a director from the company, Duncan MacCallum took over.

But things went south for MacCallum, after a dodgy business deal ruined his life, and he commited suicide by drowning himself in the Campbeltown Loch. Production resumed again in 1933, despite the setbacks through the years. In 2014 Loch Lomond Group bought the distillery, with a big investment.

Glen Scotia is a small scaled distillery. It has just one pair of stills which are 12,000 and 16,000 liters respectively. The onion shaped stills are short necked and wide, and their lyne arms are almost horizontal.

Glen Scotia buys its maltings from Greencore Maltings. Its American oak casks are put in a warehouse that can hold up to 7,500 casks.

Distillery info

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Region: Campbeltown
  • Address: 12 High Street, Campbeltown, Argyll and Bute PA28 6DS, Scotland
  • Phone: +44 1586 552288
  • Website: