Brockmans Intensely Smooth Gin


Intensely Smooth

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Gorgeous from the bottle to the elixir within … Brockman's Intensely Smooth Gin is a fruit-forward, perfumed, sexy romp. 
Ginuine Ltd. is an English company that appears, for all intents and purposes, to have one product: Brockman’s Gin. Brockman’s is the brainchild of four serial entrepreneurs; brothers Kevan and David Crosthwaite, Robert Fowkes, and Neil Everitt. Going out of their way to keep a low profile in order to call more attention to the Gin itself, they started the company in 2006 and officially launched their new Gin in 2008. The production is subcontracted to Greenall’s—one of the most famous distilleries in England. Greenall’s is now De Vere Group, and so the corporate juggling goes on, but the beverages are top notch.
The most interesting thing about trying a new liquor is always “what makes it different?” In the case of Brockman's Intensely Smooth Gin—aside from the seeming oxymoron tag line “intensely smooth”—is that in addition to the more traditional botanicals infused into this Gin, they add blueberries and blackberries. This dials the juniper and spice back a notch and makes this Gin actually one that might be taken neat, with just a little ice. 
When addressing a new Gin, the first thing you notice is the aroma, and Brockman's Intensely Smooth Gin has got it all. You smell everything before you taste it whether you want to or not, and this Gin has a perfume quality and is… well, sexy. And the flavor is Gin, but smoother and fun. It kind of makes a regular London Dry Gin feel like the stuck-up older sister. Brockman's Intensely Smooth Gin is the hot, younger sister with the good personality and… you get the point. But you get to switch to this little beauty without the pain of a nasty breakup… just pour. 

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Flavour Spiral™

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citrus zest
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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Hardcore Gin lovers say the word Martini should never be preceded by vodka, lobster or pomegranate. They say the original and only real Martini consists of Gin, vermouth & olives, period!

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Nose / Aroma / Smell
Floral berry and juniper, with a hint of citrus zest 
Flavor / Taste / Palate
It whispers “sweet” on your tongue with a flash of juniper and earthy root
A dry, lasting impression
Ratings & Reviews
Very smooth, bursting with berry flavor. Good on ice or with tonic and lime it's just fine.
This is a really weird gin. I'm a big fan 0f London dry gins this is anything but. That said, its delicious and makes for a fine summer sip. You can smell and taste blueberries right off and the finish is clean and refreshing. I'm very happy I gave it a try.
This in a whole experience in gin! A lot of floral and slight berry undertones. Excellent neat or with a few cubes and a slice of citrus or berries. Definitely my new favorite gin!
By far my favourite Gin and I've had over 100 different one's! Super smooth you could drink it neat on the rocks or best with a fever tree tonic and some split blueberry''s and orange peel. Some prefer pink grapefruit I prefer Orange but each to there own :0)
The best gin and tonic I've ever tasted. Garnish with 3 blueberries and pink grapefruit peel
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