from Bowmore
Islay is special. For centuries, all they had was the local barley, clear spring water, cut and dried peat to heat their homes, and the sea … always there was the sea. If you take all that and wring it into a barrel, you get Bowmore.

We keep using the word classic to describe them, and that's because that's what it is... a classic single malt Whisky in the classic Islay style. This means smoky and peaty with an almost Lowland malt flavor. Like other Islay Whiskies on the western coast, there is also a hint of sea salt in every sip that the casks pick up from the nearly constant wet breeze blowing in off the bay. You will also find that the texture of the dram is a little "oily" and has a medium viscocity and a lightly mineral finish.

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