Meet Harvey Wallbanger - a Cool Surfer's Cocktail

Meet Harvey Wallbanger - a Cool Surfer's Cocktail

A surfer, a soldier and O.J. walk into a bar… Want to know how this joke ends? Watch the video about a brief history of Harvey Wallbanger and check out the recipe for this cool surfer's cocktail.

How to make the Harvey Wallbanger cocktail?


- 3 parts Vodka (try it with Absolut)
- 1 part Galliano (or similar anise and herb-flavored Liqueur)
- 6 parts orange juice
- orange slice to garnish

How to?

1. Pour the Vodka into a tall/highball glass over ice, top up with orange juice and stir.
2. Carefully float the Galliano on top to create a separate layer.
3. Garnish with an orange slice and serve.

Feelin' funky?

Try these spin-offs:
- Whipped Banger with whipped Cream and Vodka
- Whiskey Wallbanger with (surprise, surprise!) Whiskey
- Fredy Fudpucker (careful how you pronounce it) with Tequila

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