Flaviar Adds Private Bottling, Available To Members Only

Flaviar Adds Private Bottling, Available To Members Only

Rolling right along here at Flaviar, we’ve now added Private Bottling to our oh so looong list of benies for you, our valued Members to enjoy.

Deer, Bear & Moose is the name of Flaviar’s very 1st private bottling, which everyone at Flaviar is very excited about, and was recently made available to you, our members only.

This was our company’s response to you and your desire to get your hands on rare, hard-to-find drinks.

What's the Big Deal?

In our private bottling, you'll find drinks that you otherwise could not get your thirsty little hands on. For us here at Flaviar, it’s just another step in the right direction of becoming your go-to source for all things fine spirit-related.

Every single step, from the sourcing of the liquor to designing the Deer, Bear & Moose brand and labeling is the product of our in-house team, so we're beyond thrilled to be presenting the Deer, Bear & Moose line to you.

Each bottle is hand-labelled, numbered and meticolously wrapped in paper that features flavour symbols created specifically for the Flavour Spiral.

Deer, Bear & Moose bottles are all hand labelled - Photo: Flaviar

Limited Availability

The first private bottle released under the Deer, Bear & Moose brand was a 20-year old single malt Scotch, a 1995 private vintage from Tobermory distillery. This bad boy was bottled at cask strength (55.9% ABV) and is described as tasting like a “buttery fruit orchard bonanza”.

Deer Bear Moose 1st Edition - Photo: Flaviar

It was made available to a small number of you lucky, randomly selected Flaviar Prime Members on a limited supply basis and was sold out immediately.

We're very sorry if you were one of the people that didn't manage to get their hands on it, but we do have some good news for you.

More Deer, Bear & Moose Editions On Their Way

The first release under the Deer, Bear & Moose name sets the stage for other, new private releases to come at you in the very near future.

We have made it our goal to source hard to find spirits from all across the world, as long as they meet the quality criteria and needs of our Flaviar members. As that community continues to grow, so will our ability to crowdsource great spirits.

Stay tuned for all the details, including what Whisky surprise awaits, and how you might go about getting a bottle of Deer, Bear & Moose of your very own.

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