Flaviar App is here! The Closest You'll Get to Tasting a Whisky Before Buying it

Flaviar App is here! The Closest You'll Get to Tasting a Whisky Before Buying it

Do you ever find yourself staring at shelves full of bottles, with no clue what to get, because prices, labels and bottle shapes can’t tell if you're going to like the drink or not?

From now on, you’ll always have a liquor advocate by your side: the Flaviar App!

We made it to give you the closest experience to tasting a drink before actually tasting it. There are roughly 10,000 spirits in the Flaviar App, each with information about the distillery and production methods, tasting notes and ratings & reviews by you, dear Flaviaristas!

But the real kicker is the ability to visualize flavours with the Flavour Spiral. Wait, what?!

The Flavour Spiral is tasting notes reinvented!

Reading a long list of flavours in the traditional Nose-Taste-Finish tasting notes can come off a little flat, doesn't it? We thought so too.

After testing a number of different approaches, we're convinced that Flavour Spiral is the perfect way to visualise a drink’s flavours and dynamics.

An artist joined our team and drew 252 flavour components for the Flavour Spiral, making each one of them an inspiring piece of art that will make you feel the flavours in your mouth before even tasting the drink.

Build Your Home Bar – Virtual and Real

The Flaviar App lets you manage your personal collection of drinks in the My Bar section.

And once you're ready to take your flavour explorations into the real world, you can submit an order right through the App, or choose one our Tasting Packs.

Either way, your home bar will become the best bar in town in no time!

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