Breckenridge Tasting Event: Come for Blends, Stay for Friends

Breckenridge Tasting Event: Come for Blends, Stay for Friends

Being a member of our Spirit-loving Family isn’t just about tasting the best hooch or building an awesome home bar – it’s also about the community and hanging out with fellow Flaviaristas on exclusive live events.

One of those special occasions occurred on March 9 in Breckenridge, a lovely Alpine town 80 miles from Denver, Colorado.

28 members and their guests accepted our invitation to an exclusive tasting event at the Breckenridge Distillery that turned into an amicable blending battle. Breckenridge Distillery is the highest Spirit-making establishment in these United States, surrounded by a winter wonderland with the purest water source straight from the Rockies.

Meet the Breckenridges

Breckenridge Distillery closed their halls of magic for public just for this flavorful event, mostly attended by Coloradans, a few Floridians and members from elsewhere. When the posse was complete, snacks and cocktails were served, and bellies warmed up.

Credit: Jessie Unruh/Breckenridge Distillery

Then, the top lad and founder Bryan Nolt led everyone on a private distillery tour where he showed our members where the sorcery happens and explained each stage of the distillation process. Just imagine the aromas!

Credit: Jessie Unruh/Breckenridge Distillery

You’re My Best Blend!

With everyone on a pro level and cozily friendly, it was time to pit them against each other. Two teams were formed, led by either the founder Bryan or the Master Distiller Hans Stafsholt.

Credit: Jessie Unruh/Breckenridge Distillery

Both teams were presented with seven samples of Breckenridge awesome sauce, each eyed, nosed and savored while every note was pointed out and explained. After every member was acquainted with Spiritual ingredients, each group started tinkering and concocting, trying to come up with the best blend.

Credit: Jessie Unruh/Breckenridge Distillery

When they were absolutely sure their potions were perfect, a jury was assembled from Breckenridge and Flaviar teams, and blind tastings were carried out.

Credit: Jessie Unruh/Breckenridge Distillery

The blend that came out victorious was the one imagined by Team Master Distiller. Bravo!

Credit: Jessie Unruh/Breckenridge Distillery

Let This Night Last Forever

Blending and tasting concluded with a dinner at the restaurant and the lucky attendees had this to say about the event:

"Awesome experience. Got to learn a lot about the Whiskey making process. Had fun hanging out with the people involved in the craft in a casual setting. Getting to participate in making a new blend was unforgettable." -Joe

"It was a great environment to learn and enjoy spirits no matter what your experience level. Tasted pretty amazing, too!" -Amber

"Passionate people came together to share that zeal with others who love the craft, to share excitement and knowledge that educated and entertained. It was a truly unique and unforgettable experience." -Stephen

"This was an awesome event that started with a huge spread of appetizers and drinks, continued on with a great educational and T-shirt quenching blending experience and ended with a few new great friends!" -Jason

"Great night, exceptional Whiskey, and a chance to meet and chat with other Flaviar members." -Matt

"The Flaviar Breckenridge Distillery blending event was amazing...the art and science of blending goes far beyond a simple tasting event, really makes you feel part of the process. Looking forwars to receiving the finished bottle." -Anthony

A divine day in the Winterland turned into an incredible evening where Flaviar members became Master Blenders and created a fancy new drink that didn’t exist before.

Credit: Jessie Unruh/Breckenridge Distillery

You can calm your FOMO bone, though, because we’re releasing the champion, which will be available to all our members. You’re welcome.

Also, stay tuned for future live events we’re putting together, since the next Blend Star could be you. Cheers!

Cover image: Jessie Unruh/Breckenridge Distillery

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