The Bitter Truth Pink Gin

The Bitter Truth Pink Gin

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Break out a blushing bottle of pink Gin for Valentine's Day.

Back in 2006, two young bartenders from Munich, Germany were in London for a liquor conference complaining that they could not get any quality mixing ingredients back in Germany. Oh, they could get lemon and tomato juice and things like that. What was missing were those cleverly concocted tasty liquids that separate great cocktails from the hum-drum. We’re talking about bitters. What are "bitters?" Put simply, they are little dashes of distilled, highly condensed flavor. For the skilled bartender, a good core selection of bitters is like a chef’s spice rack. Anyway… 

These two young men went back home, researched and dug through ancient recipes and created a new company: The Bitter Truth. They specialized in making the spices for the spice racks of the world’s bartenders and nothing more. But… they have recently branched out in to making pre-mixed version of classic bitter-recipe finished drinks, rare and unique mixing liqueurs, and "finishing waters" which is another thing entirely. The point is that they make high quality products bartenders love and you should buy them and use them to make great craft cocktails. 

Pink Gin was a mixed drink before it was a product. Sailors — men known to take a liberty or two with their alcohol — mixed Gin with the classic Angostura bitters to "cure" seasickness. Well, that’s their story and they are sticking to it. The dark red Angostura bitters dashed into the shimmering Gin resulted in pink drink. But hey… no one cares on a cold night at sea keeping watch and "treating" your seasickness, right? 

The folks at The Bitter Truth are — almost by definition — experts at bitters and fine distillation. So why not branch out into their own line of Pink Gin? Why not indeed. They mix their own premium bitters into craft distilled Gin and bottled it up for us all to enjoy. Smooth and with a less overpowering spice and juniper flavor that is really good, The Bitter Truth Pink Gin assumes its own identity as a refreshing easy drinker standing on its own sea-legs with nary a stagger. 

Smartass Corner:
Think that pink Gin isn’t manly enough for you? In the James Bond novel "Man With the Golden Gun," Bond orders a Pink Gin in the villain Scaramanga’s bar. James Bond could wear a tutu and tiara to a Broadway show and still put the "man" in "manly" my friend.
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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Hardcore Gin lovers say the word Martini should never be preceded by Vodka, lobster, or pomegranate. They say the original and the only real Martini consists of Gin, Vermouth & olives, period!

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Pale pink
Nose / Aroma / Smell
Juniper and lemon spice… a little floral.
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Calm and smooth... really and easy drinker with licorice and exotic spice.  
A very pleasant sweet warmth trails away.
Ratings & Reviews
Great in a martini, G&T you gotta be careful of the tonic, feel like this gin’s subtle flavors can be overwhelmed by strong tonic waters.
I was really impressed by this. Between reading about it and then tasting it, I could tell this was a unique gin. The flavors that come through, it's almost like a cocktail in itself, but the profile is 100% gin.
Interesting but the spices are a touch overpowering. Might be good with the right mixers but I'm unsure what those would be.
I loved this Gin. My go to drink is Bourbon straight up, but for a change I switch to Gin. This is a great Gin, Again I like it Straight and the Pink Gin is perfect straight up in a snifter. The nose is great and I get peppermint both in smell and the back of the tongue. It’s a great bargain and I am counting my pennies so I can get another bottle. Thank you for this opportunity to critique my choice of Gin Happy Tasting you all
I think this is a good mixing gin, did not personally enjoy the bitters. If you like the floral gin taste i believe this one could be for you
i don't drink Gin often but this Bitter Truth pink Gin is absolutely my favorite. the bitters had me afraid to try it at first but it was just amazing after that first sip. Great for Martinis too!
Great martini gin!
I feel sweetness and berries. Good to sip only itself. Especially every girls like it. I would repurchase.
Very good sipping gin. My wife liked it and she normally doesn’t drink gin. You can taste the spice and juniper. Highly recommend
This was one of the BEST GIN'S I have yet to taste. Very different. All of my friends I have shared it with absolutely Loved It. Highly recommended.
Makes a nice martini, but as for a "gin pink" I'll make my own.
After visiting Germany I've become a huge fan of the quality of liquor that is produced there, especially the gin(s). The Bitter Truth is a fun switch from more conventional gin (as are many German gins), if you are open to fun and tastey liquor, here is a nice one to try.
Rather make this myself.
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