Wyoming Whiskey National Parks No.3

The 3rd collectible release in the annual National Park Series, National Parks No.3 is a 5YO Straight Bourbon that is grander in ruggedness than its predecessor—just like the Tetons. This year’s label honors the Grand Teton National Park’s iconic Snake River.

Expect glimpses of orange honey, brown sugar, and toffee, with frequent spottings of hazelnut, pecan, and black tea. 

Make the grand gesture: grab a bottle and help us preserve The Grand, one sip at a time!


Snake River’s Grandeur

Wyoming. Family. Whiskey.

Born in '09, Wyoming Whiskey is the state's first legal distillery. A bit unusual for a craft distiller, it ages its award-winning Spirits in 53-gallon barrels, soaking up Wyoming's rugged climate like a sponge.

The Mead family's passion and Steve Nally's (of Maker’s Mark fame) magic touch brewed up a Whiskey with a unique terroir twist that screams 'Wyoming' with every sip.

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