You want a classic American can-do story? Step right up young man and let me tell you about Greenhook Ginsmiths. Just a few years ago, brothers Steven and Philip DeAngelo were bartenders in Brooklyn, New York, making finely crafted cocktails. Inspired by the craft distilling business blossoming all around them, they took their passion and poured it in to a small shop in the Greenhook section of Brooklyn and stepped into the other side of the craft beverage business… and we are all glad they did. 
They have one, small-batch, alembic still, and she is a beauty. It was custom built as a “vacuum still,” which means that when the mash is being heated, they reduce the air pressure in the copper pot. Why do that? Glad you asked. It’s because the vacuum causes alcohols to evaporate at a lower heat. Lower heat means more flavour in the tank. Get it? Good.
The DeAngelo brothers are making a fine line of Gins, including their signature American Dry, Beach Plum Gin Liquor (think American Sloe Gin with more fruitiness), and their Old Tom Gin. All are really good additions and you should try them all. 

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