All about Tap Whisky

TAP Whiskey is named after two kinds of taps — the kind on Whisky barrels, and the kind that are plugged into maple trees to draw out natural syrup.

Their first product was TAP 357, which is a Whisky product that sits about halfway between a true Whisky and a bottle cocktail. That because it is a blend of three different high-Rye Canadian Whiskies, and pure Quebec maple syrup.

To be clear, This it is still in the Whisky category by alcohol strength and the limited number of ingredients, it can be called “flavored Whisky” to be fair. As you would expect, there is plenty of rye spice and vanilla flavor, but the maple-pancake notes are unmistakable.

It’s almost like having Canadian Whisky for breakfast. TAP is located in Kentucky. They import their Spirit from western Canada, and their maple syrup from eastern Canada.