All about Sipsmith

Sipsmith London Dry Gin is made using the one shot method; meaning the end distillate is cut only with water before bottling (the two shot method sees the distillate cut with more base Spirit, as well as water, before it’s bottled).

Made with 10 different botanicals, Sipsmith London Dry Gin is born from a recipe designed to create a quality Gin which is flexible enough to work in a range of cocktails. And it does!

Featuring juniper, angelica root, coriander seed, cassia bark, orris root, ground almond, cinnamon bark, liquorice root, lemon and orange peel, this is a well-rounded Gin. Juniper to the fore with a citrus tang and spicy finish. A great Gin for Gin lovers.

All about Sipsmith distillery

When it launched in 2009, Sipsmith was the first copper-pot distillery to launch in London for 180 years.

Due to outdated licensing laws, the UK government made it difficult for small-batch distillers to start up. After two years of lobbying to change the laws, the Sipsmith team were granted their license.

In 2014, the team moved from its home in Hammersmith to a bigger site in Chiswick, West London, to house their growing number of stills to increase production and meet demands. Today, Sipsmith is made with three different stills, named Prudence, Patience and Constance.

The latter produces only Sipsmith Gin, while the other two alternate and produce the Sipsmith full range (including Sloe Gin and Barley Vokda). Despite the huge growth the business has seen in the last five years, the end product is still hand-made in small batches to keep control over the quality of the Spirit.

Distillery info

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Established: 2009
  • Address: 83 Cranbrook Rd, Chiswick, London W4 2LJ
  • Phone: 020 8747 0753
  • Website: