All about Miyagikyo

Miyagikyo's whiskies are generally softer than the ones in Yoichi Distillery. The Coffey Grain Whisky from their distillery are especially exotic and different.

Other Whiskies from Miyagikyo include their single malts, known for their lighter but fruity character with Sherry cask notes, made using less peaty malt, and distilled in a pot still heated by indirect steam.

All about Miyagikyo distillery

Miyagikyo distillery is in Miyagi Prefecture in Sendai. The location was chosen because of its clean air and level of humidity. The distillery was established as Nikka's second distillery in 1969.

Masataka Taketsuru is the brains behind Miyagikyo. The distillery has 8 pot stills and 2 Coffey stills. Their current capacity is 2 million liters per year. There are 22 washbacks and 16 warehouses used to store the casks.

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