All about Larga Vida

Back in the day Rum was considered a remedy—a universal life hack making Man’s hardships a bit more bearable. Today too, Man suffers and the essence of life is still bittersweet. And you know what else is bittersweet? Proper, aged, smooth-as-f**k RUM! Its silky texture reminds us of time, and its complex sweetness with bolts of bitterness reminds us of... well, LIFE. And by accepting it as it is, we suffer no more.

Larga Vida XO 2018 Rum is a concoction patiently aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 15 and up to 23 years and later finished in myriad of Wine casks. It’s a marriage of 9 distinct Rums from 9 specific Rum-making countries.

Larga Vida y Prosperidad!