All about Glendullan

Singleton of Glendullan is the only release that is produced in the distillery. It is soft, easy to drink with herbal and sweet touches oak and spices. Leather and vanilla aromas surprisingly get together and joins creamy palate.

All about Glendullan distillery

Glendullan is located in Dufftown, which is one of the busiest Whisky centers in the world.

In 1898, William Williams & Sons from Aberdeen founded the distillery. In 1902, a Royal request came to the distillery, showing that King Edward VII loved the dram.

In 1926, Distillers Company Limited bought the distillery, and in 1939, Scottish Malt Distillers took over management of the site. In 1962, SMD renovated the site with new stills, and just a decade later a new distillery was built near the original one. In 1985, the original distillery was mothballed, and Diageo bought SMD.

Producing 4 million liters per year, Glendullan is definitely underrated. Even though the distillery has official bottles, it has been released as a part of the Singleton brand since 2007.

The site has 3 wash stills of 33,700 liter capacity, and 3 spirit stills of 23,800 liter capacity. Unpeated maltings are sourced from Diageo's industrial site, with an unforgettable 12 tonnes of mash tun

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