All about Caledonian

Not much is known about the flavor profile of either the first or second Caledonian.

All about Caledonian distillery

Pinning down the location of this distillery is actually tough, because there were two Caledonian Distilleries -- both of them now closed. The "first" Caldonian sat on the Campbeltown pennisula, at Argyll and Bute. The "second" Caledonian was located on the other side of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The First Caledonian in Campbeltown was short-lived -- opened by Peter Stew & Co in 1823, and closing due to bankruptcy in 1840. James Johnston purchased it out of bankruptcy and gave it a go, but the business failed again for unknown reasons in 1851, this time for good.

The second Caledonian Distillery opened a few years later in 1855, and was nick-named "The Cally." It operated all the way until 1988, when it became surrounded by trendy apartments and condos, and was squeezed out. This second-gen Caledonian was a grain Whisky distillery.

There are still a few old casks of The Cally floating around, that get bottled up from time to time by independent bottlers.

Distillery info

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Region: Highlands