All about Auchroisk

Experienced Whisky drinkers will find c comforting profile of Speside character in Auchroisk Whiskies. They use a classic formula of initial aging in ex-Bourbon casks, then tack on a light finish in Sherry wood to round out the flavor. This will bring recognizable notes of toffee, cooked pears, and a light sultana influence from the Sherry wood.

Since the main point of Auchroisk was to contribute to the J&B blend and only a part of the production is stabbed off for single malt finishing, they are limited in how far practical economics will allow them to stretch their wings. But it is still a solid player.

All about Auchroisk distillery

Auchroisk Distillery sits right on the banks of the Spey River, about 6 miles from the North Sea, just off route A95. Auchroisk distillery was founded in order to ensure enough supply for the popular brand J&B.

The word "Auchroisk" means "shallow ford across the red stream," and the site was chosen for its steady water supply from Dorie's Well.

They began extremely limited production of a single malt in 1978. In order to improve the complexity of the single malt offering, they added a Sherry finishing to the process. The Whisky shipped from blending is straight out of the Bourbon casks, differentiating it from their higher end offering.

Don't let the name fool you either. You see, when they issued their first single malt they thought that the Auchroisk name would be too diffilcult to pronounce and remember, so they tucked it under the "Singleton" umbrella brand that afficionados will likely easily recognize.

But then they decide to confuse everyone, and changed the single malt back to Auchroisk, and then changed it again to "The Singleton of Auchroisk."

Nonetheless, these blokes are a workhorse, having a capacity of more than 3 million liters per year. You would have to have production like that to keep up with the thirsty J&B drinkers all over the world, wouldn't you?

Distillery info

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Region: Speyside
  • Address: Auchroisk Distillery, B9103, Mulben, Keith AB55 6XS, United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 1466 795650