WhiskyX: An All-American Whisky-Tasting Feast (Free for Flaviar Members!)

WhiskyX: An All-American Whisky-Tasting Feast (Free for Flaviar Members!)

Imagine a traveling flavor utopia where Whisky lovers get to taste and explore over 60 drams, paired with tons of local street food, live music, and opportunities to update your style. Sounds like some Willy Wonka type of situation, right? It does, and it's real!

Enter WhiskyX, a record-breaking celebration of Whisky, flavors, and enjoying them together. It's been attracting crowds across The States since 2017, and in 2022, it's back bigger and tastier.

The main attraction and point of WhiskyX is to give you the opportunity to taste the best Bourbons, Scotch, and Irish Whiskeys, Single Malts, and everything in between.

Food is provided by select top food trucks, while Whisky aficionados can unwind in the 'Sip & Play Game Lounge' or explore more flavors by pairing Whisky with cigars at the WhiskyX Cigar Emporium.

VIP for free?

Being a Flaviar Member pays off once again, as Flaviaristas get an even better Whisky experience.

First, you can claim two VIP WhiskyX tickets (worth $250) for FREE. Not only does that mean an early express entrance, a complimentary premium cigar, or free hair & beard trims - it also means exclusive access to the Flaviar VIP Lounge, where you can taste even more unique fine Spirits, chat with fellow Members and try flavors not available outside the Lounge.


The first event brought the WhiskyX bonanza to Miami on March 11, where happy faces discovered new go-to Whiskies as Zach Bryan entertained their ears (yes, all senses are covered).

On March 25, WhiskyX moved to Atlanta with Cold War Kids as the performers, and it was a blast! It was an excellent opportunity to bond over a glass of something exquisite.

People were excited for Hercules Mulligan, fell in love with Frérot Extra Cognac, discovered the beauty of Sephina, and expanded their Whisky-loving palates with Larga Vida XO Rum.

What's next?

We're going to:

  • Brooklyn (May 11)
  • Chicago (June 2)
  • Nashville (September 9)
  • Denver (September 16)
  • Austin (September 29)
  • Houston (September 30)
  • Los Angeles (October 7)
  • and Las Vegas (October 29). The last one will be a huge weekend-long event, of course. It's Vegas!

Are your taste buds excited yet? Claim your free VIP WhiskyX tickets (or join Flaviar first to do so), and come taste fine Whiskies (and other unique fine Spirits) with us!

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