White Russian - A Legendary Cocktail

White Russian - A Legendary Cocktail

Did you know that White Russian was not only The Dude's favorite drink, but also a strong diplomatic tool for peace? Watch the video about a brief history of White Russian and try it yourself following the recipe below.

How to make the White Russian cocktail?


- 2 parts Vodka
- 1 part Coffee Liqueur (like Kahlua)
- 1 part Whole Milk or Heavy Cream
- Ice

How to?

1. Put ice into an Old-Fashioned glass.
2. Combine Vodka and Coffee Liqueur over ice.
3. Add milk or cream and stir.

Feelin' funky?

Upgrade the classic with a modern twist - try the Salted Caramel White Russian.

Start by rimming your glass in a caramel sauce and a bit of coarse sea salt. Then drizzle caramel on the inside of your glass and continue by following the classic White Russian recipe.

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