It's a Good Time to Invest in Liquid Gold

It's a Good Time to Invest in Liquid Gold

Gold is a traditional investment choice, but now more than ever, “liquid gold” is worth considering as well.

"There is a shortage of aged Whisky," explains Whisky evaluator Andy Simpson.

“In order to meet global demand, distillers haven’t been holding back stocks to age for later, so you’ve got a lack of older, rare whiskies being released onto the market. And older releases are constantly eroding, because collectors are always drinking them. There’s more and more global demand for the oldest and rarest vintages, all of which will continue to increase in value.”

Basic advice one should follow when hunting for an investment bottle, is to hold on to the respected, well-known brands and look for their limited and special editions. They go fast, so it is important to pay attention to new distillery releases as well as to bottles, offered by Whisky auction houses.

If you don’t really see yourself as Whisky investor, but still find yourself spending fair amounts of money on tasty liquids, Flaviar is here with some advice to help you save money when stocking your spirits cabinet.

NOTE: This post is an excerpt of the article that was originally written by Elizabeth Gunnison Dunn for Esquire. Read full article here.
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