Flavoured Whiskeys Are on the Rise

Inspired by the strong success of flavoured Vodkas, the flavoured Whiskey category has roared to life.

The unspoken rule seems to be this: find a flavour that exists in the natural spectrum of Whiskey, and amp it up. Flavours typically range from fruity to vanilla- and cinnamon-spiced; maple to salted caramel.

In general, the bases of these products are younger spirits, and they’re intended for Cocktails (cola or Ginger Ale seem to be the go-to mixers here).

Canadian Whiskey used to be the primary foundation for flavored products, but that’s no longer the case, as bases now range from Irish Whiskey to Rye to unaged American Moonshine.

Some experts refer to flavoured Whiskeys as “starter Whiskies.” If you try and enjoy maple-flavoured Bourbon, distillers reason, perhaps you’ll be more likely to try unflavoured Bourbon down the road.

NOTE: This post is an excerpt of the article that was originally written by Kara Newman for Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Read full article here.
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