5 Ideas on What to Eat with Spirits

5 Ideas on What to Eat with Spirits

For just 2 nights, we joined forces with GrubClub to create an amazing Food & Spirits Extravaganza in London's Basement Galley — in an underground tube carriage — and it was a great success.

It's really nice to see that people have finally started enjoying and appreciating spirits like spirits should be... and not just in shots.

Taking part — together with Chef Alex Cooper — in the underground food pairing was our way of showing how not only wine but also spirits can be a great match with food, uniquely enhancing its flavour profile.

Whereas wine can coat the mouth, Whisky and other spirits seem to absorb the fat in food, effectively washing the palate. In return, the richness of the food softens the taste of the spirit. This give and take keeps us coming back for more.

We think we succeeded gloriously and now it's time for you to try it at home, and come up with your own pairing ideas.

Wondering What to Eat With Spirits? Here Are our Ideas

1. Prawn-tempura, Mango & Lime Salsa with El Jimador Tequila

El Jimador Tequila

Another version of a Tequila shooter — an amuse-bouche, where prawn-tempura is used instead of the salt and salsa instead of lime/lemon. And finally mango, as a substitute for orange.

2. Salmon and Maple Syrup Pâté, Apple & Banana Purée, Old Bay Popcorn with Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon 12YO

Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon
Three characteristic Bourbon flavours in the spotlight — popcorn, maple syrup and banana — to enhance the Bourbon profile.

3. Chicken Balmoral, Willed Kale with Almonds, Garlic Mash and Natural Jus with Big Peat Whisky

Big Peat Whisky

A strong Whisky accompanied by a flavour-intense dish—Chicken Balmoral and garlic mash, a traditional Scottish meal.

4. Dessert Duo with Red Leg Spiced Rum
Red Leg Spiced Rum
Ginger cheesecake, German apple crumble with cinnamon and finally vanilla sauce. Everything to enhance the flavours of RedLeg's Jamaican vanilla, ginger and cinnamon.
5. Deconstructed Gin & Tonic with Monkey Schwarzwald 47 Dry Gin
Monkey Schwarzwald 47 Dry Gin

Jelly made of tonic and Gin, macerated cucumber carpaccio and a secret white powder (of your choosing, khm).

Dip the jelly in the white powder, sip some Monkey 47 and finish it with cucumber.

These 5 food and spirits pairings will serve as a nice change-up from the mundane, they are certain to impress your friends, or a special someone perhaps.

Do you have a favourite food & spirits combo? Share it in the comments below.

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