Bernheim Whiskey is a straight wheat Whiskey — meaning that where Bourbon is made from at least 51% Corn, Bernheim is made from 51% Wheat, with Corn, Rye, and a dash of Barley rounding out the mash bill.

Like most wheat Whiskeys, Bernheim is “softer,” which means a bit more neutral on the palate with less spice. It is said to be more savory and slick too. Bernheim is aged a full seven years in charred new oak, it has vanilla and toffee notes.

But it is a bit less sweet than most American Whiskeys and — since the corn volume is low — it has less Cracker-Jacks aroma and flavor that Bourbon often has. It is an award-winning quality product of Heaven Hill Distillery.

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oak tannins
vanilla sweetness
burnt caramel
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