Rhum Barbancourt is Agricole in style, i.e. produced from sugarcane juice rather than molasses and this means you can expect more vibrant, fruity, grassy notes in the unaged or young Rhums.

These Rhums are light in style due to continuous column distillation. The Rhum Blanc (unaged and colorless) is a wonderful example of how the difference in distillation method affects the final taste: twin column Barbancourt vs Creole Column Martinique Rhum.

Rhum Barbancourt is produced at the distillery in Port-au-Prince. After the 2010 earthquake, one-third of its aged stock was lost. 

The aging process in French Oak means that the older the Rhum gets, the more the wood impacts on the flavor and the vibrant base Spirit becomes less discernible.

Currently, Rhum Barbancourt offers a Blanc, a four, eight and fifteen-year-old expressions, as well as Pango, a pineapple, mango, and spice infused expression.
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