Zufanek produces fruit brandies, Absinthe and Gins. Their first batch of Gin was distilled in 2013 and became an immediate success, winning over fans and settling firmly into the company’s product range.

OMG Gin starkly contrasts most Gin brands and their marketing tactics. They don't boast any elusive ingredients or credit their original recipe to any tall tales about distant relatives obtaining it. Their Gin isn’t the product of dozens of test batches.

One man oversees the production of a recipe that was curated to his personal taste. Each batch is produced in a quantity of 1200 liters. OMG Gin could be classified with the likes of London Dry Gin, crafted from the triple column distillation of 16 unique herbs and spices macerated in a base alcohol, which collectively yields one of the most complex gins on the market.

The flavor profile consists of traditional spices as juniper, coriander, calamus and angelica. But there are also non-traditional ingredients such as grains of paradise, lavender flower, and blossoms from the Czech national tree – the small-leaved linden.
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