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Swedish Whisky

An unlikely Whisky producer, it may surprise you that Sweden has quite a few Whisky distilleries and they are well worth knowing. A big portion of them opened in the last 10 years, but they're making quite a splash in the Whisky world.

Mackmyra Distillery was started by a group of Whisky-loving friends in 1999 and has since grown into the largest producing Swedish distillery, exporting their Whisky all over the world. 

The Spirit of Hven Distillery is located on the tiny island of Hven, just off the coast of Denmark. They produce a range of organic Spirits: Whisky, Vodka, Aquavit, and Gin.

1369 investors provided funds to start Gotland Distillery in 2004. It has a capacity to produce 60,000 liters of organic malt Whisky (they actually spell it Whiskey) a year. Grain and water come from the distillery surroundings, while aging takes place underground. 

Swedish Box Distillery from Ådalen claims to be the northerly distillery in the world, which gives them wider temperature variations than anywhere else.

Smögen Distillery was founded in 2009 and is one of the smallest Distilleries in Sweden, while Gammelstilla Distillery distilled its first Spirit in 2012. 

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What is the meaning of word Whisky?
Whisky comes from the Gaelic word which reads uisge beathe, which translates as ''water of life''. It later came to be pronounced as uski, which then turned into Whisky! Need we say more?
What is the Angels' Share?
The amount of liquid that evaporates into the air through wooden oak barrels. It causes producers a loss of around 2% of the stored Spirit every year. The amount of lost liquid increases with higher temperatures. So in a hot climate it's economical to choose a denser wood.
What is Single Malt Whisky?
Single malt Whisky is malt Whisky from a single distillery.  
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Swedish Whisky
Hven, one of the Swedish Whisky producers, has its own lab, specializing in flavors and aromas. Among other, they're making new car smell for car manufacturers. Chemic components for the aroma partly come from those removed from their Aquavit during filtering process.
Swedish Whisky
Mackmyra, the first Swedish Whisky distillery, was envisioned by a group of 8 friends on a ski trip, each of whom had taken a bottle of Whisky with them for the host. The late night discussions came to Whisky; how it was produced and why there was no Swedish Whisky. A year later the 8 friends founded a distillery and within 6 months they had distilled the first drops of raw Whisky.
Swedish Whisky
Humans have been making Whisky for centuries but Swedish distillery Mackmyra has teamed up with tech giant Microsoft and Finnish consultancy Fourkind to create the “world's first” Whisky using artificial intelligence (AI).
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 What is Angels' Share?
What is Angels' Share?
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