Indian Whisky

Indian Whisky production is huge in volume, but not much of it is known outside its domestic market. However, Amrut and Paul Distilleries have been creating award-winning Whiskies for years now and are well worth your attention.

Amrut Distillery have been making distilled beverages for over six decades and their high quality single malt played an important role in putting Indian Whisky on the world Whisky map and in the glasses of Whisky connoiseurs, Bill Murray of Whisky Bible included.

Paul John single malts are another Indian Whisky name with great recognition. John Distilleries was established in 1992 in Goa, and started single malt production in 2008.

Both distilleries use Indian barley for their Whisky that yields less alcohol, but adds a lot of flavor. Due to maturing in hot climate, a lot of it is lost to angels during maturation process, but what's left is nice, very nice.

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India is the world’s leading Whisky market. It has double sales volume of the next four followers combined: 1.4 billion litres a year!

One might think it’s too hot in India to make Whisky, but one would be wrong. The average temperature in the regions with the largest single-malt distilleries is 85°F, which is close to conditions in which Kentucky Bourbon is made.
India consumes 370 million gallons of Whisky per year, but outside the borders their production isn’t known for being top notch (mostly due to the fact that the majority of Indian Whisky is made from molasses and hence of lower quality). But there are some prodigious exceptions: Armut Fusion, for instance, was the third best Whisky in the world in 2010 according to Whisky Bible, while more and more new fine Whisky is being made each year.