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French Whisky

In the land of Cognac and Champagne…Whisky? Oui! The French have been producing fine Spirits for centuries, and drinking them too…The French drink more Whisky on average, than any other place in the in the world. They love making it too. Their Whisky is just as French as their eaux-de-vie or Champagne.

And its good too, critically acclaimed, like the French Armorik Whiskey which won Best French Single Malt in 2016 at the World Whiskies Awards. French Whisky are characterized by notes of apricot, toffee orange marmalade…
How French Whisky is produced?
French distilleries use techniques very similar to those used by the Scots. However, the fact that they use Holstein stills, also used to produce the famous “eau de vie“, a Brandy made from grapes, makes the Whisky with a fruity taste.      
What is Single Malt Whisky?
Single malt Whisky is malt Whisky from a single distillery.
What is Whisky Finishing?
Whisky Finishing also known as the second maturation, is when Whisky is moved from the barrel it has been matured in and is allowed to spend some time in another barrel, to take on different flavors.
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