Australian Whisky

Tasmania is the center of Australian Whisky production -- more than half of around 20 Australian Whisky makers are located there. This is no coincidence, as Tasmania has everything one needs to produce malt Whisky: barley, water, suitable climate, and even peat. After the distillation, Tasmanian Whisky is most often aged in ex-pinot, Sherry or Bourbon casks.

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Tasmania is deemed to have the world’s cleanest air – not a bad place to grow your barley and distill it into Whisky.

One of the tricks responsible for the Australian Whisky to taste so good is rejuvenation of barrels. The coopers carefully pick old oak cask staves from Australian producers, shave them down and build new barrels from them. Distilleries across the Land Down Under purchase those casks and mature their new Whiskies in them.

Australia grows a LOT of barley - like a butt load (official term). Traditionally this has been used for brewing beer and animal feed and Australian barley is well regarded worldwide and is in demand. Australian barley accounts for 30-40% of the worlds malted barley trade - which means a lot is going into beer and whisk(e)y. We'd be mad not to cash in on this fantastic resource and keep sending it overseas.