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Wild Tiger Rum Special Reserve
Just wished my bottle looked as pretty as this picture.
Wild Tiger Rum Special Reserve
Love it on the rocks, sweet smell and vanilla & toffee, vanilla, almond and honey taste
Wild Tiger Rum Special Reserve
This is excellent rum. Love the butterscotch sweetness.
Wild Tiger Rum Special Reserve
This was my first taste of a rum and very pleasant it was. I usually enjoy whisky and bourbons and now look forward to trying out some more rums.
Wild Tiger Rum Special Reserve
Really enjoyed this Rum. It has notes of my favorite Maple Syrup, but is definitely not too sweet. My wife had a hard time not killing the bottle the first weekend after it arrived. A nice surprise especially for the price point. Definitely recommend it!
Wild Tiger Rum Special Reserve
Love this rum. Its sweet but subtle, you can taste maple syrup, vanilla and molasses. The bottle is very well presented with a fab tiger cover, a tiger claw key ring and even a little booklet in a pouch that explains all about the rum and the work the company does to save tigers. A top pick.