Wigle Pennsylvania Wheat Whiskey

Wigle Pennsylvania Wheat Whiskey

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A right and youthful Wheat Whiskey designed to represent the land where it was made.

Wigle Distillery in Pennsylvania is a two-family-owned operation. The Grelli’s (Alex and Meredith) and the Meyers (Mark and Mary Ellen) founded the distillery in 2011 and opened to the public in 2012. Known for interesting Spirit creations and experimenting with the impact of local grains on the flavors of Whiskey (the terroir), this upstart has become the most awarded distillery by The American Craft Spirits Association. And their wide-ranging line of products now spans nearly four dozen varieties.

Wigle Pennsylvania Wheat Whiskey is made from organic wheat, rye, and malted barley — all sourced locally in Pennsylvania. The resulting Spirit is distilled in their small-batch copper pot-still. The wheat brings the mellow caramel notes, the rye adds some spice, and there is just enough of the malted barley to bring floral notes to the aroma. The folks at Wigle think that this is a great Whiskey for lovers of Irish Spirits.

Smartass Corner:
Wigle Distillery is named after a Pennsylvania distilling hero. Phillip Wigle was one of two men convicted of treason during the American Whiskey Rebellion. Both were sentenced to hang, but were pardoned by George Washington himself.

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Bourbon rules refer to manufacturing methods rather than location. Bourbon must be matured in new and charred American white oak casks for at least 2 years. If the bottle has no age statement, the Bourbon is at least 4 years old. No coloring or flavoring of any type is allowed, and the mash bill must contain at least 51% corn.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Medium Amber

Nose / Aroma / Smell
The aroma it bright with toffee and light floral notes.

Flavor / Taste / Palate
The flavor profile is solidly youthful Wheat with notes of caramel, vanilla, orange blossom, granola, and cinnamon.

The finish is medium length and lightly sweet.
Ratings & Reviews
Great Carmel notes and just the right amount of spiciness for my taste
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