Widow Jane

United States Founded in 2012

Widow Jane. An interesting name and an even more interesting distillery.

The name comes from the Widow Jane Mine in Rosendale, New York, the distillery comes out of Red Hook, Brooklyn. All the Widow Jane products are distilled and proofed with water from the limestone caves of the aforementioned mine. The special chemical properties of the water give their artisan Spirits the base to really do their own thing.

Widow Jane grows their own non-GMO corn on farms in Rosendale and Hurley. The products that come out of Widow Jane are winning awards left and right, so they must be doing something right.

Widow Jane Flavor Spiraltm
  • vanilla
  • caramel
  • tobacco
  • spicy
  • cinnamon
  • mint
  • cherry
  • toffee
  • orange zest
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Widow Jane Distillery
Back in the day, the limestone that came out of that place built the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge.


Widow Jane
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In the heart of Red Hook, Brooklyn sits the artisanal Widow Jane distillery. The distillery carries the name of a nearby mine that’s the source of crystal-clean water that comprises the DNA of every Jane’s Spirit.

This self-renewing stream of water is filtered naturally through limestone, collecting in massive underground caverns. This gives the water an unusually high mineral content which gives Widow Jane Bourbons a natural flavor.

Hand made in ultra small batches using the richest & rarest straight Bourbons from Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana, all the grains used in production are also sourced from nearby farms. At the heart of their production is their pot still and unusual serial continuous distillation columns.

Designed by their founder these stills develop a distinctive flavor in Whiskey enhancing the subtleties of the individual corn varietals and grains used in production. Their 10-year old Small Batch Whiskey earned a gold medal at the 2018 World Whiskies Awards.

Distillery info:
  • Country United States
  • Established 2012
  • Status Active
  • Address 218 Conover St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA
  • Phone 347-225-0130
  • Websitehttp://widowjane.com/
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Widow Jane video
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Chris Rich here with Widow Jane distillery based out of Brooklyn New York. Key to our brand is our limestone mineral water that we use in our Spirits. The limestone mine is actually called the Widow Jane limestone mine so we get our name from the limestone quarry that we source our water source.

Water plays a huge role in Whiskey. Kentucky limestone your Scotch distilleries talking about their water source makes their Whiskey better. Well, our water source makes our Whiskey better so much that we named our brand after it. Widow Jane limestone mine is about two hours north of New York City. We're based in Brooklyn in an area called Red Hook.

First and foremost we're a Chocolate Factory as well as a Whiskey distillery so it's an amazing destination in Brooklyn for people to go check out.

Our 10 year old single barrel Bourbon is a gold medal winner. 91 proof across the board on all three of our Spirits. Our two Rye Whiskies are American Oak Rye, and our Oak and Applewood Rye are two very unique Rye Whiskies very cocktail driven and mix very well. Our Bourbon is more of your on the rocks or a neat type Whiskey.

We're based in Brooklyn New York. Make sure you ask your United sales rep about more information about Widow Jane.