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Character Goatson

What's in the bundle

The chaps at the Whiskey Union fight for the right that everyone should be able to enjoy good Whisk(e)y. They’re not afraid to experiment, innovate and push beyond the boundaries of convention while still respectful of the past. In this they truly are our brothers in Spirit.

Devoted to the art of Whisk(e)y and YOU—a score of unique individuals who are adventurous, daring and open-minded; a generation that acknowledges tradition, but isn’t afraid of venturing into new flavour territories—the true trailblazers of the Whisk(e)y Revolution.

The Whiskey Union Bundle includes three Whiskeys, each unconventional in its own right:
- Smoky Goat a sweet’n’smokey blend embodying the ruggedness of Scotland
- Boxing Hares a Whiskey that transgresses into the craft Beer territory
- Huxley Rare Genus Whiskey a pioneering Blend drawing from the finest drams from across the globe
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