Spiral Huxley Rare Genus Whiskey
Whiskey Union
Huxley Rare Genus Whiskey
Tasting Notes
Appearance / Color
Antique gold.
Smell / Nose / Aroma
Inviting butter toffee, resin, new-sawn timber, candied citrus peels, toffee apple, a hint of smoke, sticky cranberry/apple jelly.
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Rich, medium-bodied, caramel, fudge sweetness, a tad of tannin, peppery spice, maritime peat smoke, fruitiness, candied peels, apple, tropical fruits.
Smooth and custardy, ginger syrup, nutmeg and a hint of banana.

Flavor spiral
Smoky, caramel, candied, butter, ginger, spicy, apple, pepper, grassy.
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The Whiskey Hybrid.

Ladies, gents and connoisseurs of all things good,... there’s a new Whiskey collective in town that’s set to surprise and please our Whiskey senses and that it does. Whiskey Union proclaim themselves as a creative collective of Whiskey makers, visionaries and hedonists in pursuit of unconventional blends and extraordinary flavor sensations. While the established brands craft the Bentleys and the Jaguars of Whiskey—which is all fine and dandy—the fellas at Whiskey Union choose to break with convention, experiment with flavor and tread on the sporty side of things; they manufacture well-tuned Ferraris, so to speak, to keep your taste buds on the edge and your belly humming.
Huxley is the third and so far the most unconventional offering of the Whiskey Union, the other two being Smoky Goat and Boxing Hares. This is a pioneering blended Whiskey drawing on the finest drams from across the globe. So, are you ready to plunge into the unknown? To tread where no taste bud has tread before? To have a brief parley with the mysterious and the wild? To taste the whole world? You’re but a sip away… Huxley—named after a famous Evolutionist—is truly a magnificent beast, a hybrid Blend of Scotch, Canadian and American Whiskey.
The mix and and balance of the most prominent and recognizable characteristics of Scotch Whisky (grassy and lemony notes, a whiff of smoke), Canadian Whisky (candied fruit flavors, vanilla and ginger notes) and American Whiskey (buttery caramel sweetness and toasty spice) is a true testament to the glorious evolution of Whisk(e)y making and its taste.
This is a truly interesting, boundary-crossing product that is intended for the new generation of more open-minded and adventurous Whisk(e)y lovers.
  • Style
    Blended Whiskey
  • Region
    Scotland, Canada, US
  • Country
    Scotland, Canada, US
  • Alcohol
  • Distillery
  • Bottler
    Whiskey Union
  • Age

Whiskey Union

Huxley Rare Genus Whiskey

(0.7l, 42%)

Ratings & Reviews
Member Reviews and Ratings of Huxley Rare Genus Whiskey
Not worth I️t
I would not recommend this to anyone who enjoys whisky!
I'm gonna be straight with all of you it's pretty dull like the colour beige. It is liking waiting in a queue for several hours just to buy stamps for a letter that contains just air plain boring air. In all honesty it's not that bad it just a lot less exciting than it sounds, I recommend going to the shop and buying a cheap bottle because that's all your getting with this drink.
Just okay. Nothing special.
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