Westland is one of the leaders in American Single Malt Whiskey production – a category that is rocketing in popularity.

Single Malt Whiskeys are made from 100% malted barley which is the most complex and flavorful grain.

For centuries single malts have been considered the domain of Scotland, but in the last decade American Single Malts have been on the rise.

This new category offers the chance to make a mark in the world of Whiskeys and Westland sure has left some. Westland was awarded the title "2015 Craft Whiskey of the Year" at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and named the "2015 Whiskey of the Year" by the American Distilling Institute.

In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, world-class natural ingredients inspire Westland to pursue their own unique American-style Single Malt. With each expression they work to create something that both honors the traditions and adds something new and distinctly American.

The foundation of Westland’s house style are roasted malts which highlight malt flavor - they use them in all three of their core Whiskeys: American Oak, Sherry Wood and Peated.

The character of their Malt provides a wealth of flavor profiles, but every Westland Whiskey is underlined by their house style – a sweetness and ease on the palate accompanied by a fruity and complex but ultimately grain-focused finish worthy of its place in this new world.
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