Waterloo is produced in Waterloo distillery. Some of the most popular expressions of Waterloo include: Waterloo Old Yaupon Gin, Waterloo Antique Gin, Waterloo No. 9 Gin.

Flavor profile of this Gin typically features notes of pecan, juniper, pine and floral.
Waterloo Flavor Spiraltm
  • pecan
  • juniper
  • pine
  • floral
  • herbs
  • pralines
  • earthy
  • lavender
  • sweet
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One of the secrets to Seagram's success, was that they continued to stock inventory during Prohibition in the United States. They were betting that the law would not stand and that demand would spike for quality aged Whiskey once repealed. This gamble paid off handsomely.


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Even though it is now closed, the Waterloo Distillery is an indispensable part of distilling history in Canada. It was founded in 1857, north of Winnipeg. In 1869, Joseph E. Seagram had already risen to the level of partner in the firm.

By 1883, he had taken over the company completely and secured a liquor dynasty that would last for generations. Seagram sold the facility to the Distillers Corporation, and the famous Bronfman family took over. When Crown Royal was released in 1939, it was produced at Waterloo.

In fact, Crown Royal was produced exclusively at Waterloo for generations, until the demand outstripped the facilities ability to produce. It was then that production became shared with the Gimli Distillery. In 1990, most of Crown Royal output came from Gimli, and the more modern facility had capacity to spare.

Then, in 1993, a major fire occurred at the Waterloo plant. At the time it no longer made economic sense to rebuild when more modern, lower cost production was already online and ready to fill demand. The last remaining buildings have been transformed into offices and loft apartments.
Distillery info:
  • Country Canada
  • Established 1857
  • Owner Seagrams
  • Status Active
  • Address Erb Street, Toronto, Canada
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